Step 7: Dig Deeper for Related Keyword Ideas: Keyword Accelerator Playbook

After you’ve completed your initial pass through the keyword research process and copied the optimal terms into your keyword tracking template, the next thing you want to do is dig deeper to find additional related keyword ideas.

Essentially, you want to exhaust all of the relevant keywords in a particular category before going back to step 1 of the keyword research process and uncovering search terms in a new topic. The keywords you found by following steps 1 through 5 are just the starting point for building topical relevance on your website.

Topical relevance is a powerful way to outrank other websites that have higher SEO metrics than your site because you can establish yourself as having a strong authority on a specific subject.

When it comes to optimizing your website for SEO, the more content you can publish about a particular keyword topic, the easier it will be for your website to rank for related search terms in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In other words, the website that can demonstrate more expertise on a specific topic tends to rank higher in the search engines for all web pages that are relevant to that topic.

Here’s what this idea of digging deeper to find related keywords looks like in practice:

Imagine you have a website that sells remote controlled (RC) vehicles for play and sport. You then went through steps 1 to 5 of the keyword research process and found this transactional type of keyword to target: “best RC mud trucks”.

Instead of just writing a single article on that topic and moving on to the next type of RC vehicle (e.g., RC planes, RC cars, or RC boats), you can use your keyword research tool to dig deeper to find other relevant terms to help build stronger topical relevance for “RC mud trucks” on your website. And you can do that by looking for both transactional and informational keywords to capture more visibility in the search engines.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just the same keyword type. For example, below are some related keyword phrases that were found with a keyword research tool on the topic of “RC mud trucks”.

  • Best gas powered RC mud trucks (transactional)
  • Top battery powered RC mud trucks (transactional)
  • Cheap RC mud trucks (transactional)
  • RC mud truck kits (transactional)
  • How to build an RC mud truck (informational)
  • How to clean a muddy RC truck (informational)
  • Can RC mud trucks do jumps (informational)

Now let’s look at another example that applies to the topic of “email marketing”.

Instead of writing a single article on general email marketing tips, you could dig deeper with your keyword research tool to find other relevant terms people are searching for on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for email marketing. Then you could write individual articles on each sub-topic to improve the topical relevance as a whole for email marketing on the website.

This SEO strategy is powerful because it not only helps you attract more website traffic by having more articles in total, but it can also improve your overall rankings in the search engines for related topics on email marketing because you’ve demonstrated your expertise in multiple aspects of the subject.

For example, below are some related keyword phrases that were found with a keyword research tool on the topic of “email marketing”.

  • Email marketing for authors
  • Email marketing for agencies
  • Email marketing for affiliate marketers
  • Email marketing for b2b
  • Email marketing for beginners
  • Email marketing for lead generation
  • Email marketing for non-profits
  • Email marketing for real estate
  • Email marketing for small business
  • Email marketing for virtual events
  • Email marketing for YouTube

As you can see, the opportunities for new article ideas are practically endless. There are literally hundreds of different, yet topically relevant, keywords that relate closely to the parent topic of email marketing.

That’s why it’s important to always dig deeper into the keywords you find that pass the test for being an optimal keyword to target (i.e., low KD score, high search volume, and high CPC value).

Doing this one extra step can help you instantly uncover a ton of other relevant keywords that you can use to take your website traffic, rankings, and earnings to the next level.

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