Medium Cost (Subscription & Membership Price)

This guide explains the total Medium cost for subscriptions (also known as memberships).

Below, you’ll get complete details on the Medium subscription price as a reader and the membership cost for blogging as a Medium writer. You’ll also learn about the eligibility requirements to get paid for your Medium blog and the pricing of monthly and annual membership plans.

By the end of this page, you’ll know everything there is about Medium membership pricing and subscription costs for bloggers and readers of this writing platform.

Medium Cost Overview

Medium is free for writers and costs $5 per month for readers to get unlimited access to Medium articles. Writers who are part of the Medium Partner Program are given the option to put their articles on the platform for free or behind a subscription paywall.

Medium Subscription Price

Medium subscription price is $5 per month or $50 per year to get unlimited access to Medium articles. Users are able to read up to 3 articles per month beyond the paywall for free.

If readers want to enjoy blog content past that limit, they must become a Medium member by paying the monthly or annual cost for the subscription. With a Medium subscription, you can read unlimited stories across all devices, support the writers you like, and get personalized recommendations. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

Medium Blog Cost

Medium blog pricing is free for writers. You do not need to pay for a domain name, hosting, or design and you can earn money from your posts if you join the Medium Partner Program.

Medium Price Comparison Chart

Medium ServiceAudiencePrice
Partner ProgramWritersFree
MembershipReaders$5 per month or $50 per year

How Much Does Medium Pay Per 1,000 Views?

Medium pays $15-30 per 1,000 views on average and earnings are based on reading time and not pageviews. The total amount you get paid depends on the length of time Medium members spend reading your stories.

Additionally, each time you convert a non-paying reader to a paying Medium member you get half of that reader’s membership fee, net of standard payment processor fees, for as long as they are an active member.

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How Many Followers Do You Need On Medium to Get Paid?

You need 100 followers on Medium to get paid. This eligibility requirement allows you to join the Medium Partner Program which pays writers for their published content.

Is Blogging On Medium Worth It?

Blogging on Medium can be worth it if you enjoy writing, want to reach a large and engaged audience, and earn money from your posts. However, you also need to consider the drawbacks of Medium, such as less control, dependence on Medium’s algorithm, and potential loss of audience from the paywall feature.

You can also check out these other alternatives to Medium which are similar sites to the Medium platform. Each option has its own unique set of features for writers.

What Are the Benefits of a Medium Subscription?

  • You get unlimited access to every story on Medium, including the premium ones that are locked for non-members.
  • You support the writers you read and help them earn money from their posts through the Medium Partner Program.
  • You get an ad-free experience and enjoy reading without any distractions or interruptions.
  • You can listen to stories using Medium’s text-to-speech audio capabilities on the website and mobile apps.
  • You can read stories offline by downloading them on iOS and Android devices.
  • You can set up a custom domain for your profile or publication and bring your own brand to Medium.
  • You can create your own publication and collaborate with other writers around a common theme.

Getting Started With a Medium Subscription

  1. Go to and click Upgrade.
  2. Choose your membership plan.
  3. Choose the payment method. You can use your credit card or PayPal.
  4. Enter your credit card details and click Start my membership or click PayPal Checkout to become a member with PayPal.

Medium Cost for Subscription Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on Medium cost for subscriptions and memberships.

As you discovered, the Medium subscription price is free for writers and $5 per month for readers to get unlimited access to Medium articles. Writers who are part of the Medium Partner Program are given the option to put their articles on the platform for free or behind a subscription paywall.