Step 2: Decide on the Number of Articles to Be Published: Keyword Accelerator Playbook

The next step in planning out your content schedule is to decide on the number of articles to be published on your website within the chosen time frame.

Your target goal could be anything you’re comfortable with, such as 4 articles over 30 days, 12 articles within 2 months, 60 articles in 3 months, 500 articles in one year, etc.

Whatever your goal is, you need to make sure you have enough keywords in your keyword tracking template to cover the chosen time frame.

For example, you couldn’t set out to publish 30 articles in the next 2 months if you only have 10 keywords in your keyword tracking template. To meet that goal, you would have to go back through the keyword research process to find 20 more keywords to reach your target of 30 articles (10 + 20 = 30).

To give you a real-life example of how this step works for the SEO Chatter website, I try to publish 5 articles per week on the blog. This averages out to 20 articles per month. Therefore, the goal I set for the number of articles I want to publish in a 3-month time frame is 60 articles (20 x 3 = 60).

Once you have your ideal number of articles to be published figured out, you can then move on to step 3 to start planning out the actual content publishing schedule for your website.

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