Noindex Tag Definition & Meaning

What Is A Noindex Tag?

A noindex tag is an HTML directive that informs search engines not to index the page in search results. The noindex tag can be implemented in the HTTP response header or the meta tag.

Noindex tags are commonly featured on checkout pages, pages created for A/B testing purposes, or pages with confidential information.

Googlebot excludes pages with noindex tags from search results, but only if a page is crawlable. These tags can be utilized by website owners who don’t have access to their root servers because they allow them to control who can view individual pages.

Transferring a page’s link equity to other pages isn’t possible as long as the noindex tag is in the meta tag or HTTP response header.

In time, pages that were indexed but now contain the noindex tag are removed from the Google index, which renders all links the page contains invisible to the search engine crawler.

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