Money Page Definition & Meaning

What Is A Money Page?

A money page is a web page specifically designed to generate revenue. The term is primarily used to describe pages on eStores or blogs that participate in affiliate programs.

Even so, most websites have multiple money pages. Product, e-commerce, and affiliate landing pages are the most notable examples of money pages.

Their design is typically functional so that the visitor can easily find all the information they need and proceed with a purchase.

In most cases, these pages contain information about a product along with a sales pitch, a Buy Now button, or a call-to-action section that prompts a visitor to subscribe or make a purchase.

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Money pages are often linked internally by multiple supporting pages. Supporting pages are used to capture organic search traffic at the top or middle of the sales funnel and direct those visitors to the money page to make a sale or conversion.

Website owners also use keyword-optimized internal links from supporting pages to money pages to help boost the topical relevance and page authority for the money page. As a result, the money page can experience an increase in keyword rankings and organic search visibility.

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