Link Manipulation Definition & Meaning

What Is Link Manipulation?

Link manipulation is a search engine optimization technique used to manipulate a website’s search engine rankings by creating backlinks unnaturally. Also known as a link scheme.

Along with article spinning, keyword stuffing, and cloaking, link manipulation is one of the most notorious black hat SEO tactics. Link schemes, link farms, link networks, and link wheels are all considered forms of link manipulation.

Implementing any of these link-building strategies on a website can damage its reputation beyond repair and result in harsh manual or automatic penalties.

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Google views any attempt to buy, sell, or exchange links as link manipulation and imposes strict penalties for such behavior. Moreover, generating links automatically with online tools is also considered link manipulation, and it can hurt a website’s search engine rankings.

The benefits of link manipulation for SEO are usually minimal and short-lived because attempts to manipulate a website’s backlink structure are quickly picked up by search engine algorithms.

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