Guest Blogging Definition & Meaning

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest blogging is a content marketing tactic that involves writing and publishing a blog post on a third-party website with the intention of increasing brand awareness for the author or their organization.

Guest blogging is also known as guest posting; however, with guest blogging the author is primarily looking to increase brand awareness for an organization or its products or services; not build backlinks, which is why many website owners participate in guest posting.

Google has publicly stated that it considers guest posting to be a manipulative link building tactic because the backlinks in the posts are not considered natural (or organic) links. But in the case of guest blogging for brand awareness, your website is much safer from a manual or algorithmic penalty because the intention of posting content on a third-party site is not for gaining keyword rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Especially, if you have the site owner tag your any external links to your website with the rel=”nofollow” attribute to comply with Google’s search engine guidelines.

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