Google Knowledge Graph Definition & Meaning

What Is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google Knowledge Graph is Google’s database of billions of facts it has collected about entities (people, places, organizations, and things) that it uses to serve relevant information in an infobox (Knowledge Panel) beside the search results.

The Google Knowledge Graph allows Google’s search engine to answer questions with correct facts that are publicly known. For example, the Knowledge Graph contains accurate data for a search query like, “How tall is the Eiffel Tower?” and “Where were the 2016 Summer Olympics held?”

The Knowledge Graph also contains data about well-known people and can provide answers in Google Search like, “How old is Bill Gates?” and “What movies has Tom Cruise been in?”.

If you search for an organization like McDonalds in Google, the Knowledge Graph reports factual data about the organization in the Knowledge Panel like its headquarters (Chicago, IL), Founder (Ray Kroc), Revenue (23.22 billion 2021), etc.

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