Deindexed Definition & Meaning

What Is Deindexed?

Deindexed means a web page or website that has been removed from the search engine index. A deindexed resource can be temporary or permanent.

There are three common reasons why deindexing occurs:

  • The search engine has taken manual or algorithmic actions against the web page or website based on the quality of the content or for violating the search engine guidelines.
  • A mistake was made in the HTML code of the resource to cause the deindexation.
  • The website owner purposely deindexed the web page or website by blocking it in the robots.txt file or adding a noindex tag to the HTML so it does not appear in the search engine index.

All forms of deindexing can be fixed. If a search engine deindexed the resource, then the website owner must fix the content quality issues or take the necessary steps to remedy the search engine guidelines violation. If a mistake was made in the HTML code or the website owner purposely noindexed the resource, then fixing the HTML or robots.txt file will allow the web page or website to be available for reindexing.

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