Bonus Tip: Steal Your Competitors’ Keywords: Keyword Accelerator Playbook

An additional feature that keyword research tools like KWFinder and Keysearch include is the ability to analyze any domain or URL for its top-ranking keywords. This includes your competitors’ websites.

Doing competitive analysis like this is another way to find relevant keywords to target without having to think up new ideas. It also helps you discover easy-to-rank keywords that are bringing organic search traffic to your competitors that you can also try to capture for your own website. 

Some people refer to this keyword research strategy as a “competitor gap analysis” while others simply call it “stealing your competitor’s keywords”. But no matter what it’s called, the ultimate goal is the same: to discover great keyword ideas with very little effort. A competitive analysis like this helps you identify gaps in keywords that your competitors are ranking for—and you are not—that you can create content for to hopefully rank higher in the search engines than them as a way to steal their organic search traffic and ranking positions.

To use this method, all you have to do is enter a competitor’s domain or specific URL into the appropriate search field of a keyword research tool that supports it and then click the “Find Keywords” button. The tool will then scan the website and fetch all of the relevant keywords from its database that are being tracked across the entire domain or a specific URL.

Here’s an example of how this looks with KWFinder. Try it FREE through my affiliate link here:

KWFinder Domain Search Feature

After the keyword list is returned, you then go through the same process for evaluating any keyword based on the Optimal Keyword Strategy you learned in this playbook.

You want to select keyword phrases that meet this basic formula and skip the rest:

Low KD Score + High Search Volume + High CPC = Optimal Keyword to Target

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