Bing Rank Checker & Tracker (Check Bing Keyword Rankings)

If you’re optimizing your website for Bing’s search engine, then you need access to an accurate Bing rank checker.

A good Bing rank tracker will automatically check Bing rankings for your target keywords every 24 hours, on-demand, and from various locations around the world.

In this guide, you’ll find the best Bing keyword rank tracker tools you can use to monitor your website’s SERP positions in the second most used search engine on the Internet, which was developed by Microsoft.

Consider this your ultimate guide to finding the top Bing ranking tool for your needs and budget.

Bing rank checker

What Is a Bing Rank Checker?

A Bing rank checker is a tool that lets you check where your keywords rank in the top 100 positions on Bing. Bing rank checker software automatically tracks the daily SERP positions in Bing so you can measure your website’s organic search performance for a given set of keywords.

Benefits of a Bing Rank Tracker

A Bing rank tracker is is good to have because it allows for fast and easy position tracking in Bing. If ranking on Bing is a part of your SEO strategy, then a Bing rank tracker is important for checking Bing keyword rankings to reveal vital information to grow your business online.

  • Helps you evaluate your SEO strategy for Bing’s search engine.
  • Saves time by automatically tracking your keyword positions.
  • Lets you monitor your competitors’ rankings.
  • Gives you insights into SERP volatility.
  • Allows you to compare Bing keyword rankings to Google.

Bing Rank Checker Tools

Check Bing rankings Webmaster Tools dashboard

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools website
Pricing: Free

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free way to check Bing rankings online. It is part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine that allows website owners to add their sites to the Bing index crawler, see their website’s performance in Bing’s search engine, and more. By connecting your domain to Bing Webmaster Tools, you can instantly see what keywords your site is ranking for in the SERPs.

The top features of Bing Webmaster Tools include:

  • 100% accurate keyword ranking positions for Bing.
  • Track the impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and average ranking positions for every keyword.
  • Updated daily.
  • Has separate tools for keyword research, backlink checking, SEO reports, etc.


Serprobot website
Pricing: $4.99/month for 300 tracked keywords with higher plans available
Free Trial: 14 days

Serprobot is the most affordable Bing rank checker online with a simple dashboard that can start tracking your keywords in Bing withing a few minutes. If you’re only looking to check keyword positions in the SERPs without requiring access to other SEO tools, then Serprobot is the best choice.

The top features of Serprobot include:

  • Instant rank checking and on-demand checks.
  • Automatic SERP checking, reports, and alerts.
  • Track all of your competitor sites in Bing.
  • Real time performance reports and history graphs.
  • Check all devices, including bobile, tablet, and desktop results.
  • API Access.
Bing keyword rank tracker by SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker

SEO Powersuite website
Pricing: $149/year
Free Trial: Free download with unlimited tracked keywords

SEO Powersuite is the next best Bing position checker if you’re looking to try software for free with unlimited tracked keywords. This software has a separate Rank Tracker tool that gathers accurate data about keyword positions as well as other important information such as the number of searches or expected visits, keyword difficulty, competition level, SERP features for the checked keyword, and more.

The top features of SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker include:

  • Bing search local position tracking.
  • Bing SERP history checker.
  • Checking competitors’ Bing rankings.
  • Project report customization.
  • Local rank checking based on country, city, and even language.
  • Includes Bing keyword research tools to help you get more keyword ideas for your content to optimize it to rank higher in Bing’s search engine for more relevant search queries.


AccuRanker website
Pricing: $129/month for 1,000 tracked keywords with higher plans available
Free Trial: 14 days

AccuRanker is a premium Bing ranking tool that allows you to track and analyze keyword positions on Bing’s search engine. You can also monitor your competitors’ rankings to measure your SEO campaigns against them.

The top features of AccuRanker include:

  • Checking keyword positions on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Tracking SERP positions for both global and local targeting.
  • Can set the exact tracking location for each keyword, including state, city, postcode, and address.
  • Bing keyword rankings are updated every 24 hours.
  • Allows on-demand ranking updates.
  • Includes custom template reporting with your company logo.
  • Drag and drop report builder.
  • Automated reporting via the scheduling function.


GeoRanker website
Pricing: $99/month for 100 tracked keywords with higher plans available
Free Trial: 7 days

GeoRanker is a powerful software to check Bing rankings for local SEO campaigns. It also includes a suite of analytics tools and data mining services.

The top features of GeoRanker include:

  • Tracks paid and organic SERP data in Bing.
  • Both desktop and mobile rank checking.
  • Competition analysis feature.
  • Can check keyword positions by country and city.
  • API access.
  • Report builder.
  • Whitelabel option is available.
Bing position checker by Nightwatch


Nightwatch website
Pricing: $32/month for 250 tracked keywords with higher plans available
Free Trial: 14 days

Nightwatch is a simple Bing keyword rank tracker that accurately tracks your Bing rankings across featured snippets, map packs, knowledge panels, and organic search results. This software also comes bundled with other tools such as a site auditor to optimize your website’s on-page SEO, a search engine simulator, YouTube rank checker, and more.

The top features of Nightwatch include:

  • Bing keyword tracking for local SEO down to a zip-code level.
  • Allows you to see how different segments of your keywords are performing in search.
  • Whitelabel SEO reports.


RankActive website
Pricing: $99.99/month for 2500 tracked keywords with higher plans available
Free Trial: 7 days

RankActive is a good Bing position checker for tracking daily changes of your rankings in the SERPs. You also get access to advanced website analytics, a competitor inspector tool, keyword finder, and more to do a wide range of SEO analysis.

The top features of RankActive include:

  • Auomatic daily keyword tracking updates.
  • Real-time updates on demand.
  • Localized checking with over 100,000 locations.
  • Both desktop and mobile rank checking.


Raven website
Pricing: $39/month for 1,500 tracked keywords with higher plans available
Free Trial: 7 days

Raven is a tool that lets you check Bing SERPs position on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the frequency you need for your SEO analysis. This software also comes with a set of other tools like a site auditor, backlink checker, keyword research, and social media management and reporting.

The top features of Raven include:

  • Compare tracked Bing keywords to competitors.
  • On-demand keyword checking when needed.
  • Choose between daily, weekly, or monthly tracking
  • Both desktop and mobile rank checking.
  • Local tracking by zip code and city.
Bing ranking tool by SERanking


SERanking website
Pricing: $39.20/month for 250 tracked keywords with higher plans available
Free Trial: 14 days

SERanking offers a Bing rank tracker with multiple subscription plans to meet your budget as a website owner or agency. You can choose between daily, every 3 days, or weekly check frequencies. The longer you go between keyword rank checking on Bing, the cheaper the subscription is for this tool. For example, checking Bing SERP positions on a weekly basis for 250 keywords reduces the monthly price to $23.52.

The top features of SERanking include:

  • Rank monitoring for any location, language, and device
  • Historic SERP data.
  • Checks rankings in relation to your competitors.
  • Can track up to 20 competitors.
  • Monitors top 100 or top 200 SERP results.
  • Tracks all crucial keyword metrics, including search volume, difficulty, traffic forecast, dynamics, and visibility.
  • Helps you discover pages on your website that compete for the same keyword in Bing.
  • Custom reports with Bing ranking data.


Sitechecker website
Pricing: $23/month for 150 tracked keywords with higher plans available
Free Trial: 7 days

Sitechecker is another software for getting accurate results for your website’s positions on Bing’s SERPs. It also comes bundled with other tools like a traffic checker, speed tester, backlink checker, website safety checker, similar website finder, site monitoring, site auditing, and more.

The top features of Sitechecker include:

  • Checks both mobile and desktop rankings in Bing.
  • Tracking keywords for any country and city.
  • Sends you a daily email with top keywords that moved up and down.
  • Allows you to filter keywords by search volume, landing pages, groups, position, and text.
  • Includes additional metrics like Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Potential Rank.
  • Can view a snapshot of the top 100 URLs in Bing’s search engine results pages and compare how your ranked pages perform in relation to competitors’ pages.
  • Offers brandable PDF rankings reports for submitting to clients.

Why You Should Check Bing Rankings

Bing is a Microsoft-owned search engine that commands a market share of 2.96% and attracts more than 1 billion visits a month, making it one of the top 10 search engines globally. Though it’s not as large as Google, Bing has certain features that make it fairly competitive and worth optimizing for in your SEO campaigns.

Fewer websites try to rank on Bing which means the volume of competition is much lower than Google. This also means you can see improved ranking results by actively optimizing your website for Bing’s search engine using on-page SEO strategies. Bing’s algorithm depends more on exact match keywords and keyword positioning on the page to rank web pages in its search engine than it does on semantic search and backlinks.

Therefore, checking and tracking your Bing rankings should be part of every digital marketing strategy that relies on search engine optimization because you can capture more of your target market with less effort involved. And it’s especially helpful to increase visibility for users that take advantage of Bing advanced search using special operators and filters.

Bing rank tracker summary

Bing Rank Checker & Tracker Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on Bing rank checker tools.

As you discovered, a good Bing rank tracker will automatically check Bing rankings for your website every 24 hours and on-demand when you need it. The best software for this purpose also allows keyword rank checking from various locations around the world.

No matter which Bing keyword rank tracker tool you choose on this page, you’ll get accurate SERP checking from the second most used search engine on the Internet.