410 Error Definition & Meaning

What Is a 410 Error?

A 410 error is an HTTP status code sent by a web server to a browser that signals the requested web page or resource is no longer available on the origin server and this condition is likely permanent.

The most common reasons a 410 error occurs include:

  • Typing an incorrect URL in the web browser.
  • An incorrect server configuration.
  • Intentionally due to a time-sensitive reason, like a product promotion, in which the web page is only available for a certain period.

The 410 error is often confused with the 404 error. However, the difference is important to understand. A 410 Gone error indicates that the requested web page or resource used to exist but has permanently been removed and will not be available in the future. A 404 Not Found error indicates that the web page or resource is currently not available but could be available again in future requests.

Therefore, a 410 response code tells the web browser not to repeat requests to the same web page or resource while the 404 Not Found error indicates that the repeated requests can be made because the web page or resource may be available again at some point in time.

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