How to Verify Google Business Without Postcard (Answered)

This guide explains how to verify Google Business without postcard.

Below, you’ll find the various ways for how to verify Google My Business without a postcard as well as a list of methods for instant GMB Profile verification. Keep in mind that Google may or may not need to verify your business location through the mailing of a postcard to your company’s physical address. You’ll know instantly during the Google Business account setup process.

As explained in this other guide on how to register your business on Google, the type of shop you operate and the category it relates to for products and services will determine if you can verify your business on Google without a postcard.

How to Verify Google Business Without Postcard

How to Verify Google Business Without Postcard

1. Verify Business With Phone or Text

The first option you have for how to verify Google Business without a postcard is through a phone call or text message. The Google account owner who is registering the Business Profile can select this option to receive a code in a voice call or text that can be entered into the Google My Business account.

2. Use Google Email Verification

Another way to verify Google My Business without a postcard is through email. During the business listing setup process, you can choose this option to receive a numeric code via the email address you provided for the business.

3. Upload a Video Recording

For companies and shops that have a physical storefront, you can typically verify the business on Google without a postcard by uploading a video recording that shows proof of the location as well as on-site equipment and management documents. The office location must match the Google Maps location for the business listing and capture outside signs like the street name and other nearby businesses. The Google verification team also wants to see video recordings inside the store that only the employees can access to prove that you have ownership of the business.

4. Select a Live Video Call

Another option to verify GMB without a postcard is to connect with a Google Business associate on a live video call. This verification method is similar to uploading a video recording but is done with a live operator on the call who can verify the accuracy of your Google Business Profile application. You’ll need to show the same type of proof as a video recording like the exterior of the building, on-site equipment, management documents, and employee-only areas of the store.

5. Verify With Google Business Support

If the previous verification methods are not helpful for you, then your best option to verify a Google Business listing without a postcard is to contact the GMB support team. (Or, try the instant verification methods mentioned in the next section.) See this related guide on how to contact Google My Business for a list of help and support options, such as live chat, phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, and the community help center.

Ways to Verify Google My Business Instantly Without a Postcard

In some instances, you can verify your business instantly on Google without needing to have a postcard sent to your company address. If so, then these methods below will be available for you to get instant verification during the Google My Business Profile setup process.

Verify Instantly With Email

To get instant verification via email, you’ll need to use the same email address as the one listed on the Google Business Profile. Otherwise, additional verification methods may be required along with the code sent via email, such as a phone call or text message.

Verify Instantly With Google Search Console

In some cases, Google Search Console can be used for instant GMB listing verification, which means you don’t need to get a postcard in the mail to show proof of the business location.

  • Existing Search Console users who are logged into the platform can verify the matching website with the business before adding or claiming a Business Profile.
  • New Search Console users who verify their matching website after adding or claiming a Google My Business Profile can click on the “Get Verified” button to instantly verify their listing without needing a postcard sent to the business location.

Can You Use a Virtual Address for Google My Business?

You cannot use a virtual address for Google My Business listings because the guidelines require the location to be staffed during business hours and qualified businesses must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours.

Can You Use a P.O. Box for a Google Business Verification Postcard?

Google does not allow a P.O. box or mailboxes located at a remote location for Google Business Profiles. A business must have a precise physical location or service area to be listed on Google Maps.

If your business doesn’t have an address yet, you can use a home address to set up a Google My Business account and then turn the location off for Google Maps. In this case, you’ll want to set up a service area after hiding the address. See this related guide on how to hide address on Google My Business for more details.

Now, after you’ve verified your business on Google using the tips in this tutorial, the next thing you’ll want to do is improve the GMB listing to help acquire more customers. Check out these other pages to learn Profile optimization strategies:

Verify Google Business Without Postcard Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to verify Google Business account without postcard.

As you discovered, there are several ways for how to verify Google My Business without postcard mailings. However, the options that are available to your shop or company will depend on its classification and the types of products and services it offers to customers. For eligible businesses, you can use alternative methods to verify a GMB listing without a postcard such as phone, text, email, video recording, live call, and Google Search Console integration.