43 Digital Marketing Jokes (Puns & Funny Humor)

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Digital marketing jokes

Digital Marketing Jokes

1. Why do digital marketing team members only shop at Whole Foods?

They have a lot of organic content.

2. Why did the digital marketer name his dog “Marketing?”

Every day he brings him a new lead.

3. A local marketer started a new bakery but no one could get in. When customers asked how to open the door, the baker said:

You have to click on the banner to accept cookies.

4. How did the bad marketer get a job making butter?

He had a high churn rate.

5. Why don’t digital marketing interns like trampolines?

They’re scared of high bounce rates.

6. Why are cab drivers good at digital marketing?

They can really drive in the traffic. 

7. What do marketing experts use to wrap presents?

White papers. (Classic digital maketing humor you can use around birthdays.)

8. What is a social media marketer’s favorite snack?

Insta-graham crackers.

9. Why did the digital marketer break up with her boyfriend?

Lack of engagement.

10. Why can’t marketers see live musicals?

They keep trying to capture the leads.

11. What does an SEO marketer order at a bar?

drink, drinks, liquor, beer, alcohol, booze, spirits…

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12. Why did the marketer put a fence around her jewelry box?

She insists on gating all her assets.

13. Why was the social media marketer out of office?

He went to a company-wide retweet.

14. What’s a digital marketing agency’s favorite drink to serve at a party?


15. Why do marketers make such good wide receivers?

They always stay inbounds. (The most funny digital marketing joke for sports fans.)

16. Why do marketers constantly feel cold?

They’re surrounded by drafts.

17. Why did the marketer fail at honey harvesting?

Instead of tapping the hive, he insisted on going B2B.  

18. Digital Marketer: Can’t we just use AI to manage our sales funnel for us?

Alexa: I found four places that sell funnel cakes close to you.

19. Why did the marketer get fired as a director?

Weak calls to action.

20. Why did the marketer use A/B testing?

He wanted to C if the conversion rates would improve.

21. What is a black hat marketers favorite food?


22. Want to hear a funny digital marketing pun?

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23. Why did the junior marketing manager get into display ads?

They wanted to make a lasting impression

24. What’s a movie director’s favorite piece of a search ad?

The call to ACTION!

25. Why does it take PPC marketers take so long to get to work?

They can’t help but create new traffic.

26. Why did the fire starter have such a hard time with PPC?

He had trouble picking his match types.

27. Why do content marketers love the mountains?

They love all of the evergreens.

28. Why did the pastor contact a local digital marketing expert?

He needed help improving conversion rates.

29. What’s a pirate marketer’s favorite type of content?


30. Why did the marketing professional get fired as a tap dancer?

She wanted to get paid per click.

31. Why didn’t the marketing couple get married?

They weren’t on the same landing page.

32. How did the dad know that his son would be a great digital marketer one day?

His son’s first word was data.

33. Why are marketing professionals good at improv?

They nail the impressions.

34. Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

Brand standards!

Brand standards who?

Sorry, knock-knock jokes don’t fit our mission and purpose statement. Could you tell a light bulb joke instead?

35. How many marketers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None, they’ve automated it.

36. What did the new Chips Ahoy marketing director do the first day on the job?

Enable cookies.

37. What’s a telltale trait of a bad marketer?

Being anti-social.

38. A stock photo walks into a bar an everyone is pointing and laughing. She asks the bartender, “Why’s everyone laughing?” The bartender says…

Your ALT tag is showing.

39. Why couldn’t the marketer sell his baking equipment?

He had a leaky funnel.

40. Why did the marketer burn his initials into a leather jacket?

He was working on his personal brand.

41. What do SEO marketers use when they go fishing?


42. Why did the programmer quit his job?

Because he didn’t get arrays. (See more programming jokes.)

43. Why don’t graphic designers like digital marketing humor?

They can’t stand the tone of the jokes.

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Digital marketing puns summary

Digital Marketing Jokes & Puns Summary

I hope you enjoyed this list of funny digital marketing jokes.

Although online marketing can be a serious business, taking a break to enjoy some digital marketing humor can be good to lighten up the stress of the workday.

If you liked any of these jokes or punchlines in particular, then be sure to share them with anyone else you think would enjoy a good laugh. As I find more digital marketing puns, I’ll be sure to add them to this list. So come back to this page often to get the best jokes about digital marketing!

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