Ezoic Humix Review With 3 Test Results for Video Revenue

If you’re looking for a complete Ezoic Humix review with real test results on earning video revenue, then you’ll find it here.

I’ve been using the Humix platform since July 2022 and have been experimenting with its various monetization features to help grow the monthly revenue for the SEO Chatter website.

This Ezoic Humix review will cover three types of video tests and their results. I’ll also share my personal takeaways under each Humix example so you can get additional insight from each experiment that can hopefully be applied to your own Humix experience.

If you’re new to the Ezoic Humix network, you can see my complete Ezoic Humix overview with screenshots of every feature available after you’re done reading the results of this review.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Ezoic. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views and use of the Humix platform.

Ezoic Humix Review

Ezoic Humix Review

Humix Test #1: Adding a Sitewide Video

For this first Humix test, I had two goals for adding a sitewide video to the SEO Chatter website. The first goal was to encourage new visitors to check out the blog and sign up for my weekly email newsletter. The second goal was to find out how much revenue a Humix video could add to my monthly Ezoic earnings.

I had no clue what the results would be so I didn’t hypothesize any specific metrics for this Humix review experiment.

The video I created was around 1 minute in length and it consisted of me on camera introducing people to the SEO Chatter website. I used the Ezoic Chrome Extension to set up a video placeholder to appear on every page of the site right above the auto-inserted table of contents section. As users scroll past the video, it turns into a floating video that sticks to the bottom right corner of the page on desktop devices.

Test Results

Humix Test #1 Video Plays Graph

The sitewide video was added on July 18, 2022, and received a total of 156 play counts. On July 19, 2022, plays increased to 421. By the end of August 2022, play counts averaged around 675 per day. August 26, 2022, saw the highest number of play counts with 896 video views.

Humix Test #1 Video Revenue Graph

As for earnings, video revenue fluctuated between $0.17 to $1.03 per day on average between July 18, 2022, to August 31, 2022. August 31, 2022, experienced the highest spike in revenue at $1.03. August 22, 2022, was the next highest earning day at $1.01. In total, shared video revenue earned during this testing time frame was $23.32.

Takeaways from This Test

  • Creating a sitewide video is an easy way to generate extra daily revenue. I should have done it sooner.
  • I could experiment with making the video longer to earn more revenue per play. Humix allows you to insert midroll ads; however, the video needs to be several minutes or more in length to trigger those types of ads.

Humix Test #2: Creating a Sitewide Looping Playlist

For this second Humix test, I wanted to find out if I could increase the revenue that was being generated from my sitewide video by turning it into a playlist that contained two videos.

I hypothesized that if two videos were played for each user instead of one video, then I could easily double my earnings because two ads would be shown instead of just a single ad. However, I needed to make sure that the first video in the playlist would be watched in its entirety so that I could get the second preroll ad to play for the visitor.

After looking at the Big Data Analytics for my original sitewide Humix video, I discovered that the average watch time was around 30 seconds. This meant that most visitors stopped watching the video halfway through. Therefore, I needed to create a new video that would be played first in the playlist that was shorter than 30 seconds as a way to get most visitors to watch the whole thing for two preroll ads to be shown.

Part 1 of This Test

I decided to create a basic 15-second graphic-driven video that provided a general overview of what people could expect from the SEO Chatter website.

The on-screen text read: “Delivering the best SEO tips to help you maximize your website’s rankings, traffic & earnings.” It also listed the four primary categories of blog content: General SEO, Keyword Research, Link Building, and Monetization.

Part 2 of This Test

With the new 15-second video complete, I created a new Humix playlist and put this video as the first video in that playlist. I then added the original sitewide video with me welcoming visitors to the site as the second video in the playlist.

Something I realized during this part of my Humix review was that I had never turned on the looping function for my original sitewide video. This became apparent when I saw the “Loop” featured under the Humix Playback Settings. The original sitewide video would play until the end and stop. Therefore, only a single ad would ever be shown to my visitors, which restricted the amount of ad revenue I could earn from every person who visited the website.

On the playlist setup page in Humix, I selected the option under Playback Settings to enable the Loop feature. This caused my new video playlist to loop continuously to increase the number of ads shown to my visitors.

I know from my own personal experience that I often leave videos playing that float in the corner of a web page if they’re muted without closing them because they don’t bother me. And that looping video can easily rack up more ad revenue for the site owner because multiple ads can be played in between each loop of the playlist.

Test Results

Humix Review Test #2 Video Plays Graph

On December 11, 2022, the play count was 1,563 for the original sitewide video. Around midday on December 12, 2022, I completed the new Humix video playlist setup and the play count jumped to 5,644 video views.

On December 13, 2022, the full impact of turning on the sitewide loopable playlist was realized and the play count increased to 13,275. It stayed consistent for the next few days and then dropped to 5,606 during the weekend when fewer visitors came to the website.

During the week between December 19 to 22, 2022, an average of 9,700 play counts were experienced per day. As you can see in the graph for this Humix review test, play counts trended downward for the rest of the December month; however, this was not surprising because the SEO Chatter website experienced an overall decrease in organic website traffic around the holiday season when a majority of my audience seemed to be less focused on works and learning SEO tactics.

Between December 12 to December 31, 2022, total video play counts were 164,672 compared to the previous period between November 22 to December 11, 2022, which was 39,236, resulting in a 319% increase in video plays.

Humix Review Test #2 Video Revenue Graph

As for earnings, revenue fluctuated between $2.50 to $5.10 per day on average before December 12, 2022, using the original sitewide video. On December 12, 2022, when the new loopable playlist was added to the website, revenue jumped to $10.80. December 13, 2022, saw a major spike in earnings at $18.19. December 15, 2022, was the next highest earning day at $12.59. The average revenue for the rest of the December month leading into the New Year was around $7 per day.

Between December 12 to December 31, 2022, total video revenue was $139.60 compared to the previous period between November 22 to December 11, 2022, which was $85.08, resulting in a 64% increase in earnings.

Takeaways from This Test

  • Using the looping featured in Humix is a must for increasing ad revenue and play counts. Without it turned on, you’re leaving money on the table.
  • Using the playlist function for sitewide videos is an easy way to increase play counts and revenue. However, the first video needs to be short enough so that users let it play all the way through. A 15-second video seems to be the perfect length of time.
  • It would be good to test two or more 15-second videos that play back-to-back in a playlist. My current setup includes a 15-second video followed by a 1-minute video and some users may be stopping the second video before a third ad has a chance to play.

Earnings increased significantly during this test. And some days experienced very high revenues. However, if we take out those spikes from the equation and only take into consideration the percentage increase in average daily earnings from $5 to $7 based on this experiment, the result is a 40% average increase in daily revenue using the playlist feature of the Humix platform.

Humix Test #3: Using the Grow Feature

For this third Humix test, I wanted to find out how much revenue I could earn by sharing my YouTube videos on the Humix network. At this point in time, the SEO Chatter YouTube channel was not eligible for earning ad revenue because it didn’t meet the monetization requirements: 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Due to these restrictions, I stopped posting videos to the YouTube channel because it didn’t offer any positive return on investment (ROI).

I hypothesized that I could instantly start earning a few extra dollars per day from my existing YouTube videos by having those videos play on other Humix users’ websites.

On December 8, 2022, I imported all of my YouTube videos into my Humix account. The process was super simple and fast. Humix grabbed all of my YouTube videos along with their titles and descriptions with only a few button clicks.

I also had a few videos in my Humix account that were created with Ezoic Flickify, an online tool that turns written content into videos. Flickify gives users the ability to create professional videos using text-to-speech technology and visual animations.

In total, I shared 31 videos on the Humix network.

Test Results

Humix Review Test #3 Shared Video Plays Graph

By December 9, 2022, play counts for my 31 videos started on the Humix network. On this day, they accumulated a total of 227 play counts. December 10, 2022, experienced 295 plays. Over the last part of the December month, play counts averaged around 220 per day with the weekends experiencing around 50 daily plays.

Throughout the first half of January 2023, play counts averaged around 120 per day. The second half of January experienced an average of 220 play counts per day with a major spike on January 23, 2023, with 652 plays. I’m not sure what attributed to that large increase in play counts because I can’t see which Humix users’ websites my shared videos are being shown on.

Humix Review Test #3 Shared Video Revenue Graph

As for earnings, shared video revenue fluctuated between $0.03 to $0.07 per day on average between December 9, 2022, to January 30, 2023. December 13, 2022, experienced the highest spike in revenue at $0.14. January 23, 2023, was the next highest earning day at $0.11. In total, shared video revenue earned during this testing time frame was $2.19.

Takeaways from This Test

  • After some analysis, I think several things were working against me on the Humix network which led to low revenue earnings.
    • My videos are all about SEO topics, and there doesn’t seem to be many other SEO-related websites on the Humix network to share my videos on. Other niches like pets, travel, and food may earn more money because they have more people publishing that type of content.
    • My videos have very specific titles and descriptions for narrowly focused SEO topics. Humix tries to match shared video content to play on other users’ websites by analyzing the video titles and descriptions for relevant keywords. I could make the titles and descriptions more general to increase topical relevancy with more websites.
  • I only shared 31 videos which is not very much content. I could use Ezoic Flickify to turn more of my blog posts into animated videos to get more content shared on the Humix network. More videos equal more opportunities to get matched with other Humix users’ websites and earn ad revenue.
  • Humix is a relatively new platform and over time more websites may be added that are related to SEO and marketing; meaning my videos may pick up extra play counts and earnings in the long run.
  • Humix has an Engage feature that allows me to let other users’ videos play on my website and share the earned revenue. I could try the Engage feature to find out if my SEO niche truly is too small right now to earn a substantial amount of money from Humix. (See the next section for more details.)
  • Overall, sharing videos on Humix makes good financial sense as a publisher even though earnings were not that great during this test. In 53 days, I earned $2.19. On Youtube, I’ve earned $0 since the inception of the channel (one year ago).

Now, if you want to read my Ezoic Niche IQ Topic Suggestions Review, then check out that linked page. It includes real test results with keyword rankings based on ideas generated from that tool.

You can also check out my Ezoic Page Booster review, which is another tool you can use to identify web pages that are underperforming with organic search traffic and get keyword insights that can help you regain that lost traffic.

What’s Next With My Humix Reviews?

The next experiment I need to test and document on this review page is the Ezoic Humix Engage feature, which allows me to augment my blog content by displaying other users’ shared videos from the Humix network that are relevant to the content on the page.

Displaying videos from the Humix video network on pages without videos can provide an additional revenue stream without any extra effort from me as the website owner. I can simply turn the Engage feature on and analyze its performance. So stay tuned for that future review.

Ezoic Humix Review Summary

I hope you enjoyed this Ezoic Humix review.

As you discovered in my Humix tests, there are multiple ways you can use the Humix platform to earn extra ad revenue from your website and by sharing videos with other network users. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these Humix experiments were based on my personal experience and you could have better or worse results.

Therefore, I encourage you to conduct your own review of Humix by testing the various features like including a sitewide loopable playlist, using the Grow feature to share your videos on the network, and trying to Engage function to display other Ezoic Humix users’ videos on your website.

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