How to Increase Ezoic EPMV (31 Earnings & Ad Revenue Tips)

In this guide, you’ll learn how to increase Ezoic EPMV.

Below, you’ll discover 31 ways for how to increase Ezoic earnings by changing simple settings in your account dashboard and by using proven monetization methods for increasing publisher income through strategic content optimization and blogging.

Best of all, you can experience higher EPMV with Ezoic right now with the same level of website traffic you have just by following the simple steps on this page. Consider this your ultimate guide for how to increase Ezoic ad revenue for any website, in any niche.

How to Increase Ezoic EPMV Earnings

How to Increase Ezoic EPMV Earnings

1. Change Your Ezoic Optimization Goal

The first step for how to increase Ezoic EPMV is to change your website’s optimization goal to “Revenue Focused”.

On your Ezoic dashboard, go to “Settings” and scroll down to “Optimization Goals”. Then select “Revenue Focused”. With this option turned on, Ezoic will use AI technology to improve your earnings by shifting to a 70% focus on increasing ad revenue, and 30% focus on improving UX metrics.

Ezoic optimization goal with revenue focused

2. Show Ezoic Ads to 100% of Your Audience

The next step for how to increase Ezoic earnings is to show your Ezoic ads to every website visitor across all devices.

Navigate to “Settings” and under the “Turn On Ezoic” section, click on “Update Settings”. On this screen, make sure “Desktop”, “Tablet”, and “Mobile” are all turned on and set to 100%. This ensures that all of your website traffic will see your Ezoic ads to improve monetization income.

3. Increase Ezoic EPMV With Caching

The next step for how to increase your Ezoic ad revenue is to active Ezoic’s caching plugin called “Leap”. This feature will ensure faster website speeds and help Ezoic improve performance overall.

Once Leap is activated, you’ll see recommendations under the “Overview” tab for technology and plugins that may be slowing down your website. Each recommendation will also have a list of alternatives you can use to speed up your site.

Additionally, you can go to the “Optimization Settings” tab to adjust settings like the loading of CSS, images, scripts, etc, to further improve site speed for higher ad revenue.

4. Turn On Native Ads for Higher Earnings

Native Ads are editorial and sponsored content stories that appear at the bottom of your website or in a sidebar. By turning on Native Ad Units, you can see a 10% estimated revenue increase.

On your Ezoic dashboard, go to “Monetization” and scroll down to “Native Ad Units”. Then click the button to turn it on. Next, choose “PG-13 (highest paid)” to make the money with this monetization method.

Note: You also have to include a Native Ad placeholder on your website so Ezoic knows where to display these ads. You can do this in two ways: Using Ezoic’s Ad Tester (Guide) or Ezoic’s Chrome Extension (Guide).

5. Include More Ad Sizes for Increased Ad Revenue

Ad sizes directly impact how much revenue you earn with Ezoic and mediation partners like Google AdSense. Therefore, you should include more ad sizes for every Ezoic placeholder on your website.

Depending on the layout of your site, the income performance of different ad sizes can vary greatly. Fortunately, Ezoic’s AI technology will automatically figure out which ad sizes improve your earnings through constant testing and then show those ad units more often.

To turn on more ad sizes, you can navigate to “Monetization” in your Ezoic dashboard and scroll down to “Ad Tester”. Here, you’ll get a list of all the placeholder on your website and then you can follow these steps:

  • Click the “Edit” button that looks like a pencil.
  • In the pop up window select the “Size Criteria” tab.
  • Next, click on each ad type (e.g., Billboard, Box, Button, etc) to expand it.
  • Check the boxes next to each ad size and every device.
  • Click the “Save” button for the changes to take effect.
Ezoic monetization ad sizes

For reference sake, here’s a list of the most common top-earning ad sizes. But keep in mind that your website may perform better or worse which Ezoic will automatically figure out for you.

  • 336 x 280 large rectangle
  • 300 x 250 medium rectangle
  • 728 x 90 leaderboard
  • 970 x 250 billboard
  • 468 x 60 banner
  • 300 x 600 half-page
  • 320 x 100 large mobile leader

6. Turn On Adaptive Sizing

While you’re in the placeholder settings page, you can also improve Ezoic monetization by up to 23% when you turn on adaptive sizing for your ads. Adaptive sizing is an intelligent system that analyzes when to show multiple smaller ad sizes in a larger placeholder. In other words, you can have two or more ads appear in one placeholder to help you earn more ad revenue.

Adaptive sizing can be enabled for each placeholder directly from the “Edit Placeholder” pop up window. This is the same location you were at in the previous step of this guide. Just click on the “Positions” tab and then turn on “Adaptive Sizing”. Now, Ezoic will show multiple ads in a single placeholder when it makes sense for the user and for higher monetization.

7. Set Up Ezoic Responsive Ads

Another easy way to increase your Ezoic earnings is to turn on responsive ads. This can be done on the same screen as step 6. Simply turn on the option for “Allow Fluid Sizing” for each placeholder. This allows your ads to fill the width of the screen or container.

8. Turn On AI Placeholders for Higher EPMVs

Another fast way to increase Ezoic EPMV is to turn on AI placeholders. With AI placeholders enabled, you can see an increase in 20% EPMV earnings. 

To take advantage of this instant improvement, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Ezoic dashboard.
  • Click on “Monetization”.
  • Scroll down to “Ad Tester” and click on “General Settings”.
  • Under the “AI Placeholders” section, turn on the setting for “AI Placeholders”.
  • Also, turn on “Enhanced AI Placeholders” which further improves ad placements to align with your monetization goals.
Ezoic ad revenue tester settings

9. Add a Sticky Sidebar Ad

While you’re on the General Ad Tester Settings screen, you can further improve monetization by turning on Sticky Sidebar Ads. With this feature enabled, you can add a floating sidebar ad to your website which can increase your Ezoic EPMV by 10%.

You will need to turn on this setting and then add a sidebar floating ad placeholder on your website with the Chrome extension. Here are instructions to do that.

10. Create a Second Sidebar

If one Sticky Sidebar Ad can increase revenue by 10%, imagine what having 2 of these ads can do. If you’re able to add a second sidebar to your website (i.e., a left and right sidebar with the main content in the middle), then you should give it a try.

11. Turn On Vignette Ads for More Ad Revenue

Another way to increase Ezoic ad revenue is to turn on Vignette Ads. This option is also available in the General Ad Tester Settings screen. Simply turn it on for all three device formats: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

12. Turn On Floating Video Ad Units

You’ll also see an option for Floating Ad Units in the General Ad Tester Settings. Turn this feature on to test video ads that float in the bottom right-hand corner of your website to improve the EPMV income for each web page.

13. Enable Beta Ad Format

The final setting you can turn on under General Ad Tester Settings is the “Beta Ad Format”. This opts your website into testing new ad formats as they become available, meaning you can see an instant increase in website earnings without having to wait.

14. Turn On Anchor Ads for More Earnings

A simple way to increase your Ezoic EPMV earnings by 60% is to turn on Anchor Ads for all devices.

An Anchor Ad appears as an overlay ad unit that stays at the bottom of a web page as your visitors scroll through the web pages. This ad is always in view and can earn you a lot more money with Ezoic.

Follow these steps to turn Anchor Ads on:

  • Go to your Ezoic dashboard.
  • Click on “Monetization”.
  • Scroll down to “Ad Tester” and click on “Anchor Ads Settings”.
  • Under the “Site Wide” tab, turn on the option for “Anchor Ads” as well as for each device: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

15. Add More Ezoic Placeholders

If you’re serious about earning more ad revenue and increasing your EPMVs, then you should maximize the number of placeholders on your website.

The more Ezoic placeholders you have, the more locations you have for advertisers to compete for ad space, which can drive up ad prices and generate more revenue for your website.

A good rule of thumb is to have one Ezoic placeholder appear for every full-screen desktop page view (or mobile screen scroll). This allows an advertisement to be on the screen at all times without being too disruptive to the user.

But remember, adding more placeholders on the page doesn’t necessarily mean Ezoic will show more ads to your visitors. It just means that there are more locations for Ezoic to test for ads to appear. The AI technology will balance the user experience with showing ads so you don’t have to worry about adding too many placeholders to your website.

The worst thing you can do is have too few placeholders which doesn’t give the AI technology enough locations to test on your behalf to increase your ad revenue.

16. Join Ezoic Premium for Increased EPMVs

One of the easiest ways to increase your earnings as an Ezoic member is to join the Premium program when you get the invitation.

Ezoic Premium is a subscription-based service where you pay money to get access to higher-paying ads. However, the program is designed in a way that your Premium ad earnings will always be greater than the monthly fee you pay to be part of this exclusive network.

You can read my complete Ezoic Premium review here.

As a Premium member myself, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my EPMVs each time I step up in the plan levels. I’ve always made more money than I spent on the program and it’s not uncommon to get a 20-50% return on your monthly investment (ROI) in Premium publisher earnings alone.

17. Book a Premium Site Review

As an added benefit of being an Ezoic Premium member, you can schedule a 1-on-1 site review with an Ezoic expert to help uncover new ways to maximize your income with the platform. This representative will look over your entire website and Ezoic settings to make suggestions for improvements.

18. Use the Ezoic Video Platform

Ezoic’s video platform is another way to monetize your content. Instead of hosting your videos on a platform like YouTube and only earning a small percentage of revenue from ads (if you’re Channel is monetized), Ezoic allows you to host your own videos on your publisher account and collect the money directly from advertisers.

You can upload your videos to Ezoic and then place them on any web page you want. Then you can collect ad revenue from pre-roll ads which will increase your average EPMV per page. Here’s a Guide On Getting Started with Ezoic Video.

19. Increase Your Website’s Font Size

How would you like to instantly earn more money with Ezoic without having to adjust any monetization settings or add new content to your website?

Well, you can just by increasing your website’s font size.

A large font size means your written content will take up more vertical space on the page. As a result, more ads can be shown to your visitors which improves your ad revenue.

The best font size for more ad earnings is between 18-20px and a line height of 1.6px. You can change the font settings in your WordPress theme or use custom CSS code such as:

body { font-size : 20px;  line-height: 1.6px;}

20. Write Longer Content

After you’ve bumped up your font size, the next way to improve your Ezoic EPMV is to make it a habit to write longer content. The highest-earning web pages are typically 1,000 words or more in length. So aim for a minimum of 1,000 words and go longer if you can. See this related guide on the best SEO word count to learn more about this topic.

21. Add More Vertical Height to Your Pages

Another trick you can use to boost ad earnings is to make your pages longer with visual elements.

You can lengthen the vertical size of your content by doing the following:

  • Add more pictures
  • Include tall infographics
  • Add pull quotes
  • Add videos
  • Include tables
  • Include charts
  • Add email subscription boxes

22. Link Google AdSense Via Mediation

Do you have a Google AdSense account? If so you can quickly improve your Ezoic earnings by linking it through the Mediation App.

The revenue generated by your AdSense account via Mediation will still show up in your AdSense account, not Ezoic, but will be reported in Ezoic’s dashboard so you can instantly know how AdSense is performing.

To set up AdSense with Mediation, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Ezoic dashboard.
  • Click on “Monetization”.
  • Scroll down to “Mediation” and click on “Link Your AdSense Account”.
  • Next, you’ll need to use the “Email Link” button to receive and accept the Google-hosted invite.

23. Enable Header Bidding Mediation

Header Bidding Mediation allows you to connect your existing accounts with header bidding networks and enable them to bid on your advertising inventory. All revenue generated through this form of Mediation will be paid directly through your header bidding network account.

This setting can be quite confusing, so it’s best to just contact Ezoic directly to get help with setting it up.

You’ll find the Header Bidding Mediation option in the same places as the previous step of this guide, which is under “Monetization” and scrolling down to “Mediation”.

24. Apply for Google Ad Manger (MCM)

Through Google Ad Manager Multiple Customer Management (MCM), you can delegate the management of your inventory to Ezoic and allow Ezoic to monetize your site on your behalf. Google must approve your domain for the MCM feature.

To get started with this setup, go to the “Monetization” page and scroll down to “Google Ad Manager Multiple Customer Management”.

25. Target High EPMV Countries

If you want to improve your Ezoic ad revenue so you can earn the most income from your website then you need to target high-paying EPMV countries. This includes first-world countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan as well as Western European nations like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

As explained in this other post on how much does Ezoic pay per 1,000 views, countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have the lowest EPMV values. So if you’re targeting these areas with your website, then you won’t earn as much ad revenue.

For example, attracting one thousand visitors from the United States may pay you an average of $60 EPMV while the same amount of traffic from Pakistan could only be $5 EPMV.

26. Write About High EPMV Earning Topics

As an Ezoic publisher, you get access to Big Data Analytics, which allows you to find out how each article on your website performs with ad revenue. In other words, you can quickly discover which pages earn the highest EPMV. The fact is not every web page is a top-earner, even if it does attract a lot of traffic.

But once you know what your top EPMV web pages are, you can then write more content about those topics and stop wasting time on low-paying keywords.

27. Send People to Your Highest Earning Pages

Following up on the last tip, you should do everything you can to send visitors to your highest-earning web pages. This content is proven to have high EPMVs, so you should maximize the earnings by getting more visitors to those URLs.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Adding links on your website’s homepage to your top-earning pages.
  • Sending traffic from social media to those pages.
  • Promoting the high EPMV content to your email list.
  • Running paid ads to the content if the ROI makes sense.

28. Wrap Existing Ads

If you’re using Ezoic in combination with other ad networks, then you’ll want to make sure you wrap those ads. Otherwise, you’ll dilute the value of your ad. If this applies to you, read Ezoic’s Guide On How to Wrap Ads to maximize your earnings.

29. Set Up An ads.txt File

The ads.txt file is a publicly accessible document that protects publishers from domain spoofing and securing ad revenue from advertisers. It also verifies that you own the domain and lists out who you authorize to market your ad inventory.

Ads.txt is a requirement on all publisher sites and you cannot monetize with Google MCM without it. You should have gone through the steps to set ads.txt up during site integration. However, this file also needs to be updated periodically with new ad partners. (See this related article for more Ezoic requirements.)

Follow these steps to ensure your ads.txt file is working and up-to-date on Ezoic:

  • Go to “Monetization”.
  • Scroll down to “Ads.txt” and click on “Ads.txt Manager”.
  • In the pop up window, turn the option on for “Enable Ads.txt Manager”.
  • Click on the “Save” button for the change to take effect.

After your ads.txt file is enabled, click on the “Run Validator” link that appears below the “Ads.txt Manager” button to make sure everything is working with the document.

Note: Ezoic will automatically append information associated with their network partners if your website is integrated via Nameservers or Cloudflare.

30. Publish More Web Pages

At this point in the guide, you’ve learned everything you can to maximize your Ezoic revenue through various settings and options with the platform. The next step to higher income is to publish more web pages based on the information you learned in steps 25 and 26.

With every new web page you publish that’s targeting a high EPMV country and topic, the more money you can make with Ezoic. So work on adding new content to your website each week to see an uplift in your earning potential.

31. Improve Your Website’s SEO

The final step for making more money with Ezoic is to improve your website’s SEO. Just publishing great content that targets high EPMV visitors is not enough to achieve long-term growth. You want to do everything you can to increase your website’s rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your target keywords.

The best way to do that is to improve on-page SEO. Check out the SEO Chatter blog to get free tips on improving this part of your search engine optimization strategy.

Finally, if you were ever considering Ezoic vs Mediavine, then check out that related guide. It provides a complete overview of each ad network so you can make the right choice for your website. Personally, I like Ezoic better and it has proven to be the best monetization method for this website.

Bonus Ezoic Earnings Tip

Ezoic now has a Site Scores feature that reveals simple actions you can take to improve ad revenue optimizations that can have an exponential impact on your website’s ad earnings. You can check out Ezoic Site Scores here, which will then take you to a page that looks like the image below with recommendations on how to improve your site.

Ezoic site scores dashboard

How Is EPMV Calculated?

EPMV = Total Earnings / (Visitors / 1,000)

For example, a website that earned $1,000 for 100,000 visitors would equal $10 EPMV. EPMV = $1,000 / (100,000 / 1,000) = $10 EPMV.

EPMV stands for “Earnings Per Thousand Visitors” which is how much money you earn for every 1,000 visits to your website. EPMV is also known as “Session Earnings” because it calculates the total revenue for each user session.

How to increase Ezoic ad revenue: Summary

Increase Ezoic EPMV (Earnings & Ad Revenue) Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to increase Ezoic earnings.

As you discovered, there are numerous ways for how to increase Ezoic EPMV to make more money with the platform. Not only can you adjust simple settings in the dashboard to instantly increase Ezoic ad revenue, but you can also join the Premium program, target higher-paying countries, select better keyword topics, and more to fully maximize your website’s income earning potential.

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