Best SEO YouTube Channels to Watch

If you like SEO and watching videos, then you’ll enjoy this list of the best SEO YouTube channels.

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No matter your expertise level, these 28 top SEO YouTube channels can help you improve your skills in every area of search engine optimization. You’ll learn the top tips and tricks from the most trusted SEO experts who are dedicated to providing the best YouTube channel to learn SEO. So watch, subscribe, and take notes from these search engine optimization professionals.

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Best SEO YouTube Channels List


Ahrefs TV is all about actionable SEO tutorials that show you how to increase your organic search traffic and rank #1 on Google. Whether you’re an absolute beginner to search engine optimization or an industry leader, you’ll find helpful tutorials on keyword research, link building, content marketing, technical SEO and much more. As one of the world’s leading SEO tools, we proudly stand behind our petabytes of data that powers our software and drives our marketing strategy. Make sure to subscribe for practical tips, techniques, and tactics.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/c/AhrefsCom/

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Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker is where you’ll find all our Internet marketing tutorials, vlogs, podcasts, and honest content about building profitable websites. The channel focuses heavily on affiliate marketing but also has good videos on all aspects of SEO that can be applied to all types of businesses.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UCTvgSAxisCh58hjzlMdED0A

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Backlinko is where marketers turn to get higher rankings and more traffic. And it’s considered to be one of the best SEO YouTube channels to watch. This channel is all about teaching you insanely actionable SEO, link building, and content marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business. If you’re a pro marketer that wants to use search engine optimization to get more targeted traffic to your site, then make sure to subscribe to this channel. As you’ll see, the channel publishes videos that focus on white hat SEO case studies, real-life examples, actionable tips, and “in the trenches” reports from subscribers like you.

Note: If the term “white hat SEO” is new to you, check out my page on the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO to find out more about it.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/backlinko/

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Barry Schwartz (Rusty Brick & Search Engine Roundtable)

Barry Schwartz is a contributing editor to Search Engine Land and a member of the programming team for SMX events. He owns RustyBrick, a NY based web consulting firm. He also runs Search Engine Roundtable, a popular search blog on very advanced SEM topics. Watch this YouTube channel to get the latest insight and news on Google and current SEO trends.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/rustybrick

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Charles Floate

Charles Floate is a British digital marketing consultant with a specialty in black hat SEO (see my black hat SEO techniques page for more details on this strategy). He has over a decade of experience in the industry, has spoken at dozens of conferences, and has tens of thousands of followers across multiple platforms. Charles offers brilliant insight into SEO, backlink building, and Google updates.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/D4rkHacking

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Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner streams a new video on YouTube almost every day and it’s one of the top SEO YouTube channels for people who want to get into professional SEO as a service. Watch and subscribe to get actionable advice from a top SEO expert on a daily basis on how to improve your search engine optimization skills as well as social media marketing and funnel building.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UC6z07Hh9Muy6urJgA0F0azg/

Sample Video:

Chris Palmer SEO

Chris Palmer SEO has 11 years of marketing passion and he wants to be your favorite SEO teacher. His channel is dedicated to helping everyday people succeed through digital marketing with white hat, black hat, and local SEO tips.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UC8P0dc0Zn2gf8L6tJi_k6xg/

Sample Video:

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell has been an SEO expert for over 18 years. In this time, he has made a ton of mistakes and built up a wealth of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing. He has tried and tested it all and it has taken a lot of time and money to get me he is today. Craig has built and sold websites, run several agencies, and offered full SEO services, so he has a lot of good information to share. He speaks all over the globe; offering people training, consultancy and knowledge bombs in search engine optimization. And his YouTube channel is here to offer you the same tools and knowledge to make yourself money online.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UCPeOzstGV1FB0cGSBg2piDg/

Sample Video:

Daryl Rosser of Lion Zeal

Daryl Rosser is the man behind Lion Zeal, a digital marketing blog and podcast. Each week, he sits down with a different SEO expert and breakdowns why and how they’re crushing it so you can extract the nuggets to take your business to the next level. If you want to scale your SEO business or just learn how to rank higher, then is a good YouTube channel to subscribe to.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UCHl2Lnu72hHGYzgTSa7rVcw

Sample Video:


Digitaleer is hosted by Clint Butler, an extremely knowledgeable and skilled guy in all areas of online marketing and search engine optimization. He’s also a co-host on the SEO Fight Club YouTube Channel mentioned on this list. The most popular series on this channel is “SEO This Week”, where Clint helps people discover some of the top marketing news, tips, and tricks curated from around the Internet.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/c/Olympiaseo/

Sample Video:

Google Search Central

This is the official Google Search Central YouTube channel (formerly Google Webmasters) where you can find information and tools to help you understand and improve your site in Google Search. A popular series is Google SEO Office Hours with John Mueller, where he answers anything webmaster-related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/GoogleWebmasterHelp

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Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO is run by Nathan Gotch, who is well-known in the industry for training SEOs and Internet marketers. his channel will help you get better rankings and more organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UCNEsahyXxNJvYNsMhru-UzQ

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Income School

Income School is a channel that teaches anyone how to create profitable niche sites and to take control of your income. You can learn all about SEO, writing blog posts, creating a Youtube channel, and affiliate marketing.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UCytOqtKYpACcWMD14UjhSeQ

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Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a professional Internet Marketing company based in San Diego, California. The team is dedicated to honest, hard work and results, and they serve medium size businesses to national brands. Watch this channel to get tips and advice on SEO, ecommerce strategies, Google updates, growing an Amazon business, ranking higher in YouTube, improving mobile search, and more.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/IgniteVisibility

Sample Video:

JM Internet Group

The JM Internet Group teaches small business marketers SEO, AdWords and pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/jmgrp/

Sample Video:

Josh Bachynski

Josh Bachynski does a lot of videos on his own now. He used to host a show called the “White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Show” and for a long time, it was the best YouTube channel to learn SEO. Now, Josh is on a solo mission to provide SEO help and tutorials, go over SEO experiments and secrets, reveal Google search leaks, and talk about the latest news in search engine optimization. Watch this channel to get general advice and guidance on how to rank better and recover lost rankings.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/jbachyns/

Sample Video:

Marie Haynes Consulting Inc.

Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. is a group of SEO analysts based in Ottawa, Canada. With over 10 years of experience in SEO, they specialize in site quality assessments, link audits, manual action removal, and assessing algorithm updates. Marie has a good weekly show in the form of a podcast called “Search News You Can Use” with actionable tips on all types of SEO. Watch this YouTube channel for great insights on search engine optimization, Google update theories, and interviews with some of the top SEOs in the business.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UC5JCNbPrfBAhnVG1Cfx25qA

Sample Video:

Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity shares real SEO techniques that work because they’re based on real test results. No theory, no guesswork… pure results. If you’re new to search engine optimization and want to get started, or even an advanced practitioner looking to level up, you’re in the right place. Matt has been performing SEO since 2009 and has helped thousands of people through his businesses: The Affiliate Lab, LeadSpring LLC, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, and the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/c/MattDiggity/

Sample Video:

Miles Beckler

Miles Beckler is a digital marketing expert who shares the tactics, strategies and tools he has used to grow a multi-million dollar website from scratch, free on YouTube. With a core focus on content marketing and search engine optimization, you’ll learn how to do keyword research, how to use Google trends, and ramp up your SEO skills. In addition, you’ll learn about sales funnels and Facebook advertising through his deep dive tutorials on how to run Facebook ads.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UC7RZRFCrN4XKoMsy5MgJKrg

Sample Video:


Moz is one of the leading websites when it comes to learning search engine optimization, Moz HQ creates videos that make it really easy to understand SEO. Moz produces a popular video segment called “Whiteboard Friday” where the team takes an in-depth look at a particular SEO topic. You can also find a ton of good technical SEO tutorials on this YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/MozHQ/

Sample Video:

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a New York Times best selling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations. Subscribe to this YouTube channel to learn all things related to marketing and search engine optimization.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/neilvkpatel

Sample Video:

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal provides aspiring and seasoned marketers with the latest SEO news, instructional content, and access to the minds and ideas of leading industry experts. Learn from the best, stay up to date, and be a part of their amazing community on YouTube.

Learn More About the Keyword Accelerator Playbook

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/searchenginejournal/

Sample Video:

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a must-read hub for news and information about search engine optimization, marketing, and how search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing work for searchers.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/searchengineland

Sample Video:


This is the official YouTube Channel for the popular SEO tool: SEMrush. Here, you’ll find video tutorials, pro tips, and more on the topics of SEO, backlink building, website analysis, Google updates, landing pages, conversion rate optimization, etc.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/SEMrushHQ

Sample Video:

SEO Fight Club

SEO Fight Club is a weekly SEO show dedicated to open debate and peer review of cutting edge SEO research and theory crafting. This is a rare view into the debates and discussions people have nearly daily about what is happening in SEO. Many of the topics SEO Fight Club touches upon are technical, black hat, unproven, and potentially hazardous. The cutting edge of SEO is fraught with peril. This show is not for beginners and you should always prove what works for yourself before ever using it on a client or a business website. Walk on the cutting edge of SEO at your own risk by watching and subscribing to this YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UCUqb8omUshWynZDFl8cZO7A

Sample Video:

SEO Video Show

The SEO Video Show was founded by 15+ year SEO professional, Paul Andre de Vera, to help SEOs and digital marketers experienced the best SEO video content. All videos have been curated and organized to help you find the most valuable knowledge on all aspects of SEO, from off-page to on-page. His goal is to master the art of SEO through learning and sharing of knowledge bombs, gold nuggets, and secret tactics in the world of search engine optimization video content. People say you learn twice through teaching. By curating SEO videos from other experts in the industry and answering questions through the live SEO Video Show on YouTube

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/channel/UCf99ytepIJxWaTtH06KfkHA

Sample Video:

SMA Marketing

SMA Marketing is focused on helping others create meaningful connections using inbound marketing, personalization, SEO, and web design. By helping people share their stories effectively, they can get heard by the right person, at the right time.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/c/Shelleymediaarts/

Sample Video:

Yoast SEO

The mission of Yoast is that SEO for everyone. The company wants to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engines. This channel offers videos about Yoast products and services, tutorial videos, and more from the creators of some of the most used plugins for WordPress on the planet.

YouTube Channel URL: youtube.com/user/yoastcom

Sample Video:

SEO YouTube Channels Summary

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best SEO YouTube channels to watch and subscribe to.

As you saw, there are a number of top SEO YouTube channels out there that offer weekly, if not daily, tips on search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

Hopefully, you found the best YouTube channel to learn SEO for your needs on this page. There’s a wealth of free information out there on search engine optimization that you can take advantage of in video format.

Best SEO YouTube Channels