SEO Chatter Featured On the Let’s Talk Link Building Podcast

This week, I was interviewed on the Let’s Talk Link Building podcast with Aaron Anderson, CEO of LinkPitch.

We talked about how I got started in the industry of search engine optimization and why I create the SEO Chatter website as well as my favorite link building strategies for off-page optimization; many of which are outlined in full detail in this free off-page SEO checklist.

Other topics we discussed include:

Learn more about the SEO Chatter mentorship
  • Establishing good on-page SEO as a foundation before creating backlinks.
  • Homepage link building tactics.
  • Internal link building strategies.
  • The current state of link building and SEO.
  • Real-life stories of successful and unsuccessful link building.

Enjoy listening to it here:

Chapter Markers

0:00 Introduction
0:46 Stephen’s Background in SEO and Link Building
2:44 On-Page SEO
5:12 When to Start Doing Link Building
7:02 Homepage Link Building Strategies
9:32 Link Building Strategies for Money Pages
19:30 Link Building in the SEO World
22:25 The State of SEO and Link Building
26:50 The Impact of Google’s Algorithm Updates
28:42 Stephen’s Advice for Newbies

Also available to listen to on: