Would You Want These SEO Templates?

Yesterday’s email about setting up a Black Friday deals page has gotten a lot of buzz.

So much, in fact, I turned it into a blog post on my site for people to share.

Which then got me thinking about affiliate buying guides in general…

Would you benefit from getting access to my proven top 10 style affiliate buying guide outlines for targeting “best X for Y” keywords?

These templates would show you exactly how to structure the content with the headings, which sections to include to satisfy Google and the visitor, and where to put your keywords on the page.

With these outlines in hand, you’ll have a standardized process to follow when writing your own affiliate buying guides and simple SOPs to give to your freelancer writers.

The ultimate goal would be to save you time, get you better ranking results, and make you more money.

If this sounds like something you would want, let me know by clicking REPLY and saying YES.

If I get enough YESes, then I’ll work on packaging these templates up for sale.

UPDATE: The SEO templates are now ready!

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