Voice Search Definition & Meaning

What Is A Voice Search?

Voice search is a search engine technology that allows the user to use a voice command to perform a search on the Internet, a website, or an application.

Google introduced the Google Voice Search feature in 2014, and it currently offers voice search services in over a hundred languages. Other popular search engines also have the voice search option to help users find the information they need.

Voice search technology utilizes an automatic speech recognition system that converts a voice into text. The system performs a series of complex actions to complete the process. It first separates background noises from the search query, then digitizes the result, before finally sending a text file to the search engine.

Once the voice search system creates a text file, a search engine uses it to generate a query and show results to users. Voice searches are a hands-free way of typing a search query which is why they provide a better user experience.

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