TrustRank Definition & Meaning

What Is TrustRank?

TrustRank is an algorithm developed by Google to identify the most trustworthy web pages on the Internet by analyzing the backlink profiles based on the link origin. The TrustRank score is assigned to the target web page based on the trustworthiness of the incoming links to help the search algorithm systems better identify spam websites.

The TrustRank algorithm utilizes a variety of trust signals to ascertain if other ranking signals it receives from a page are valid. It then pushes websites up in search rankings with higher scores and demotes those with lower scores.

TrustRank is based on the premise that trustworthy pages don’t link to untrustworthy pages. In addition to TrustRank, Google also uses the PageRank algorithm to measure the popularity and importance of a web page based on its quality and quantity of incoming links.

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