Step 4: Find Keywords with the Highest Search Volume: Keyword Accelerator Playbook

The next step for doing effective keyword research is to look through the list of the keywords you’ve gathered with the lowest Keyword Difficulty (KD) Scores and find the terms that have the highest search volume.

As mentioned in the Keyword Accelerator Formula Overview section, these high search volume keywords offer the best chance of getting more visitors to your website with the least amount of effort.

For example, it’s often better to target a keyword with a KD score of 10 and a monthly search volume of 500 than it is to go after a keyword with an equally low KD score of 10 and a search volume of 20. The amount of effort it takes to write and optimize an article is the same for both keywords because they have the same KD Score of 10. So you should always target the term that can send you the most amount of website traffic, which, in this case, would be the keyword with the 500 monthly search volume.

Below is an example of how this process looks in action when comparing two or more search terms to add to your potential keyword list. As you’ll see, all of these keywords have a relatively low KD score but only the first term has substantial search volume.

With all other things being equal, it would be better to write an article focused on that keyword phrases and skip the other two because the return on investment for generating website traffic is too low to make them worth it.

Keyword: Remote controlled window blinds
KD Score: 26
Search Volume: 1,900

Keyword: Remote controlled window tint
KD Score: 18
Search Volume: 20

Keyword: Remote controlled window coverings
KD Score: 12
Search Volume: 10

At this point of the keyword research process, you’ll have narrowed down your initial list of low KD score keywords to only the top terms with the highest potential search traffic. The next step you’ll take is to analyze the cost-per-click value for each keyword so you can pick the terms that can deliver the highest financial reward for your content writing efforts. Otherwise, you may end up with a web page that generates a lot of monthly search traffic but doesn’t earn you much money through display ads or affiliate product sales.

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