Step 2: Use a Seed Keyword to Generate Ideas: Keyword Accelerator Playbook

No matter which keyword research tool you use (e.g., KWFinder, LowFruits, Keysearch, or something else), they all require you to use a seed (or starting) keyword to generate the initial keyword suggestions.

Typically, the best seed keyword to use is a short or medium-tail keyword that’s 2-3 words in length. This allows the keyword research tool to find the widest range of relevant phrases without being restricted by too narrow of a search.

If you were to enter a long-tail keyword phrase (i.e., 5 words or more) as your seed keyword, then you won’t get as many recommendations with the keyword research tool.

For example, a good seed keyword to find general ideas on the topic of Bluetooth headphones would simply be “Bluetooth headphones”. However, typing this phrase into a keyword research tool will not help you get any closer to your end content publishing goal because it’s still too vague.

As you learned in step 1 of this process, you want to narrow your search a bit more so you only get suggestions that are focused on a single keyword type (i.e., informational, transactional, or navigational). Therefore, you should use a slightly longer seed keyword phrase with some keyword modifiers such as “best Bluetooth headphones” or “how Bluetooth headphones”. These terms will allow the keyword research tool to uncover the relevant search terms for those types of keywords and filter everything else out.

Below is an example list of terms that were suggested by a keyword research tool for the seed keyword “best Bluetooth headphones”. As you’ll see, including a slightly longer keyword phrase that’s 3 words long helped us get closer to our end goal of finding transactional-based terms to target for website content.

  • best Bluetooth headphones under $100
  • best Bluetooth headphones for running
  • best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones
  • best waterproof Bluetooth headphones
  • best in ear Bluetooth headphones

Now here’s an example list of terms that were suggested for the seed keyword “how Bluetooth headphones”. As you’ll see, only information-based keywords were returned by the keyword research tool which is exactly what we would want to get relevant terms to target for informational articles on a website.

  • how do Bluetooth headphones work
  • how long do Bluetooth headphones last
  • how to set up Bluetooth headphones
  • how to charge Bluetooth headphones
  • how are Bluetooth headphones made

From the examples above, you can understand how combining a specific keyword type with a seed keyword that’s relevant to your website can help generate a lot of new content ideas.

But you can’t just stop the keyword research process here and start writing on these topics. Otherwise, you may find yourself putting a lot of time and effort into articles that don’t generate the level of traffic or earnings you were hoping to get.

That’s why it’s important to follow every step of the Keyword Accelerator Strategy so you can find the terms that are best for your website, which steps 3-7 will help you achieve.

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