Step 1: Choose a Keyword Type to Focus On: Keyword Accelerator Playbook

Earlier in this playbook, you learned about the three types of keywords people search for on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which include informational, transactional, and navigational terms.

So the first step of doing effective keyword research is to choose a single keyword type to focus on for your analysis. This will help guide your keyword research process so you don’t wander off looking for random terms to target on your website or get distracted by unrelated ideas. 

As a publisher who is committed to long-term success, you’ll find it is much more productive to work this way and it can help you reach your income and traffic goals faster because your keyword research and content publishing strategy are not scattered.

For example, you may want to do a batch of articles that answer informational questions based on keywords that start with “what”, “why”, or “how”. Or, you may want to do a deep dive into transactional keywords that can bring in direct sales like “best”, “top”, “review”, “buy”, or “purchase”.

Whatever keyword type you choose, plan to stick with it throughout the entire first pass of the keyword research process because, as you’ll see in step 7, you’ll want to keep digging for more related keywords of this type to fully flesh out the topical relevance on your website to help it rank higher in the SERPs.

Here’s an example of how I do this first step for SEO Chatter:

I pick a single keyword type such as informational, then choose a single question prompt to focus on like “why”. Next, I move on to step 2 below to uncover all of the “why” questions that are based around a seed keyword related to the topic SEO. Only after I’ve completed all 7 steps for that why-based question will I then move on to another informational question prompt like “how” for the same seed keyword.

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