Popular Keyword Search Strings: Keyword Accelerator Playbook

I’ve included this section of the playbook to help you get started with the initial keyword research process.

One of the biggest roadblocks new publishers often have after learning the process for doing effective keyword research is figuring out what search strings should they use to find good keywords to target on their websites.

After doing keyword research for many years, I realized there are certain keyword search strings that can be used over and over again to help find popular topics to fill up an entire content publishing schedule. In fact, these are the same search strings I use for my own websites and I never run out of new article ideas.

The list below includes the most popular keyword search strings you can use to create a well-balanced website with both transactional and information content to attract visitors at various stages of the customer journey.

These examples include the keyword search strings for both basic keyword research tools that only accept a seed keyword phrase and advanced keyword research tools that allow you to use a wildcard (*) to find more relevant results. 

Just pick the version that works best for your chosen keyword research tool.

How to Use These Keyword Strings

Replace [keyword] with your seed keyword. For example, the seed keyword “portable air conditioner” would change the basic search string “does [keyword]” to be “does portable air conditioner”. And it would change the advanced search string “how * [keyword]” to be “how * portable air conditioner”.

Basic Search StringAdvanced Search String
[keyword]* [keyword] or [keyword] *
who [keyword]who * [keyword]
what [keyword]what * [keyword]
when [keyword]when * [keyword]
where [keyword]where * [keyword]
why [keyword]why * [keyword]
how [keyword]how * [keyword]
are [keyword]are [keyword] *
can [keyword]can [keyword] *
do [keyword]do [keyword] *
does [keyword]does [keyword] *
will [keyword]will [keyword] *
[keyword] for[keyword] for *
[keyword] vs[keyword] vs *
[keyword] alternatives[keyword] alternatives * or * [keyword] alternatives
[keyword] ideas[keyword] ideas *
[keyword] ideas for[keyword] ideas for *
best [keyword]best [keyword] *
best [keyword] forbest [keyword] for *
top [keyword]top [keyword] *
top [keyword] fortop [keyword] for *
cheap [keyword]cheap [keyword] *
cheap [keyword] forcheap [keyword] for *
[keyword] review[keyword] review *

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