Pogo-Sticking Definition & Meaning

What Is Pogo-Sticking?

Pogo-sticking is the act of a searcher going back and forth between web pages that are listed in the SERPs. It indicates that the searcher is not finding what they are looking for on a web page and immediately bounces off the site by hitting the back button and then clicking on another SERP result.

Pogo-sticking cannot be measured directly for a website because search engines do not give website owners that type of data. However, a high bounce rate can indicate that pogo-sticking may be occurring for a web page.

Pogo-sticking is a negative user signal and if the search engine algorithms detect that a web page has a high bounce back back rate to the SERPs, then the listing may be pushed down in ranking positions.

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Searchers are more prone to pogo-sticking if they encounter clickbait content, slow-loading pages, a high amount of ads on a page, or the content doesn’t meet user intent.

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