Phrase Match Keyword Definition & Meaning

What Is A Phrase Match Keyword?

A phrase match keyword is a keyword match type offered by pay-per-click advertising platforms that allow ads to be displayed for searches that include the meaning of the target keyword. Phrase match keywords allow your ad to reach more searches than exact match keywords but fewer searches than broad match keywords.

Advertisers gain more control over their ad placements with phrase-match keywords without being too restrictive. With phrase match keywords, the word order typically doesn’t matter when an ad platform like Google Ads is trying to match the ad to relevant searches. The word order only impacts ad visibility if it changes the intended meaning of your keyword.

For example, suppose an advertiser chooses “winter jackets” as a phrase match keyword for an ad. In this case, ad platforms will show the ad for searches that include phrases like “good winter jackets for teens” and “jackets for extreme winter cold”. However, the ad will not appear for searches with a different meaning like “ski jackets for winter” or “places to sell winter jackets”.

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