Medium Tail Keyword Definition & Meaning

What Is a Medium Tail Keyword?

A medium tail keyword is a keyword phrase that includes 3 to 4 words. Medium tail keywords have moderate search volume, average competition for search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and average conversion rates.

Medium tail keywords are more targeted than short tail keywords (which are ambiguous) because the user search intent is easier to establish and, therefore, leads to higher conversions.

However, because medium tail keywords are not as hyper-focused as long tail keywords, the competition for search engine rankings using SEO strategies is much tougher. Additionally, PPC campaigns tailored to medium tail keywords typically require a higher budget than long tail keyword optimization because more advertisers are competing for medium tail phrases.

Examples of medium tail keywords include:

  • dog that can swim
  • cat bowl sizes
  • digital marketing strategies
  • SEO tips for bloggers
  • self defense weapons

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