Link Scheme Definition & Meaning

What Is A Link Scheme?

A link scheme is any attempt to manipulate a website’s search engine rankings through the use of unnatural links. Also known as link manipulation.

Participating in these schemes can have disastrous consequences for a website, such as a removal from the Google search index database. A link scheme usually involves buying and selling links that are not earned naturally.

Link exchanges that take place on a large scale are also a link scheme. However, building links automatically or adding too many links to a website in a short time from privately owned websites (known as a private blog network or PBN) are risky link-building strategies that can easily backfire.

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These link schemes are regarded as outdated link-building strategies because Google and other search engines have algorithms that can recognize them. Implementing any of these strategies on a website no longer has a long-term positive effect on its SEO and only does harm to the business.

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