Link Building Definition & Meaning

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks for a website using a variety of off-site search engine optimization techniques. The purpose of link building is to create a backlink structure that will help a search engine recognize a web page as popular and authoritative to move it higher in the search results.

Websites can have internal or external links. Internal linking refers to the inclusion of one website’s page on another. They can be located in menus on the homepage or within the content.

External links are links acquired from other domains, and they’re often viewed as the most powerful search engine ranking tool. Link source, anchor text, global popularity, local popularity, and link contexts are among the factors that determine an external link’s value to a website.

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Buying links from link farms or using other questionable link-building practices usually results in Google penalties. Link building is an organic process that takes time, and trying to speed it up can cause more harm than good.

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