Keyword Proximity Definition & Meaning

What Is Keyword Proximity?

Keyword proximity is the distance between individual words of a keyword phrase within a body of text. Keyword proximity can be low or high depending on how close together the keyword terms are within a section of text.

Keyword proximity is important for search engine optimization (SEO) because it increases the relevancy signals of the content for specific keyword phrases. For example, the higher the proximity of the keyword phrase on a web page, the more relevant the content becomes for related search terms.

Low keyword proximity refers to a keyword phrase that has individual words separated by two or more words in the same sentence. Having low proximity reduces the keyword relevance for SEO.

High keyword proximity refers to a keyword phrase that has an exact match text or has only one word separating any of the key terms in the phrase within the same sentence. Having high proximity increases the keyword relevance for SEO.

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