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Keyword Accelerator Playbook


Grab My SEO Keyword Accelerator Playbook for $27 & Take Your Website to the Next Level!

This tactical keyword research & content planning guide helps you find the most optimal SEO keywords for your content and put them into a publishing schedule that can fuel the long-term growth of your website.

It’s 100% beginner-friendly and includes strategies that can be used by anyone, for any website, in any niche to rank higher on Google, gain more traffic, and earn more money from display ads and affiliate products just by changing how you select your target keywords.

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The Keyword Accelerator Playbook Will Help You…

  • Choose the least competitive SEO keywords for your website that can get your content to the top of Google faster.
  • Sort through your new list of keywords to find the best terms that offer the most traffic potential for long-term growth.
  • Select the most profitable keywords when it comes to monetizing content with display ads or affiliate products so you can get the highest return on investment for your publishing efforts.
  • Use keyword research tools to spy on—and steal—your competitors’ top-performing keywords.
  • Pick the perfect time frame for publishing new batches of content on your website.
  • Decide on the best publishing strategy for your website based on keyword topics and keyword types.
  • Create a long-term content publishing plan to achieve better results from your website.

There’s nothing else on the market like this SEO playbook. Guaranteed!

I’ve been struggling to get my blog posts to rank, or at least as high as I’d like. I thought I knew a decent amount about keyword research, but I was wrong. There were major elements to keyword research in this playbook that I was absolutely clueless about. Not to mention, I had no rhyme or reason when it came to publishing content. I had no idea how to execute a proper content publishing schedule. So picking up the Keyword Accelerator Playbook was a no-brainer for me.

Waylon P.
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The Keyword Accelerator Playbook Is Perfect For…

Bloggers, niche website builders & affiliate marketers who struggle to find the most optimal SEO keywords for their content and put them into a publishing schedule that works best for their website.

Inside the Keyword Accelerator Playbook, you’ll discover step-by-step strategies for accelerating your website rankings, traffic & earnings as fast as possible using proven systems for growth.

If you want to know how to do keyword research & content planning in a more intelligent—and profitable—way, then the Keyword Accelerator Playbook has exactly what you need to experience more predictable results.

It includes a complete roadmap for success that takes you from the very first step of the keyword research process all the way through to the end of putting your chosen keywords into a content publishing schedule that works best for your long-term goals. PLUS, you can ask me any questions about anything you’re learning on the digital playbook course platform.

“I’m giving away my complete keyword research and content planning strategies that have fueled every successful website I’ve ever created.” – Stephen Hockman, SEO Chatter

Playbook Author

Discover the Keyword Accelerator Formula I Personally Use for Optimal Success

One of the biggest struggles I find new bloggers, niche website builders & affiliate marketers face is not knowing how to select the right SEO keywords to target for their content. But it’s not their fault.

This lack of understanding is mostly due to a failure of the SEO community as a whole not teaching beginners & intermediate marketers how to do keyword research in the most effective way for long-term success.

And unfortunately, when you get this core part of the SEO process wrong, your content is practically doomed from the start and often produces dismal results at best.

But the ugliest side of choosing poor SEO keywords doesn’t usually manifest itself until several weeks or months later when you finally realize you’re not getting the results you were hoping for with website rankings, traffic, or earnings.

Which is exactly why I created this new Keyword Accelerator Playbookto help save you from falling into that same SEO trap. It’s 100% beginner-friendly and the strategies can be used by anyone, for any website, in any niche.

As you’ll quickly discover, the Keyword Accelerator Playbook can help transform your life as a website publisher whose top goal is to achieve a perfect balance of:

Easy-to-rank keywords + Higher traffic + More $ from display ads & affiliate products.

The Keyword Accelerator Playbook was a fun, focused read. It was very tactical and specific, and not laden with overdone guru add-ons, bonuses, etc. Stephen is authentic and his past academic background brings order to the course content and structure. It’s clear that he knows how to produce a compelling, useful educational product. It’s also the first time someone put together a content plan or strategy in ANY course. This was missing from my side hustle— I was searching in the wind, publishing here/there, and not structuring the process. I now have a better framework to operationalize my process for my own writing and outsourcing.

Alex B.


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Regular Price $97.

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I just purchased Stephen’s Keyword Accelerator Playbook and I just literally scanned its contents and I knew this was worth the purchase. He gives out so many practical, actionable tips, things that you can actually do and none of those vague, general advice that I always encounter online.

Julie E.

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