JavaScript SEO Definition & Meaning

What Is JavaScript SEO?

JavaScript SEO is a practice of search engine optimization that makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index JavaScript code.

Its purpose is to speed up the crawling, rendering, and indexing of websites that contain high amounts of JavaScript code.

JS resources that don’t alter a page enough to require a download, or a page timing out during indexing are among the reasons Google struggles to index JavaScript content.

JavaScript can affect lazy load, page load times, links, and other on-page elements, causing a website to drop in search rankings.

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JavaScript SEO practices involve writing compatible code, structured data markup with JSON-LD, content optimization, internal linking, page speed enhancements, and metadata optimization. Making a website’s JavaScript code more SEO-friendly enables Googlebot to queue, render and index it quicker, which pushes the website higher in search engine results.

These practices also help avoid soft 404 errors that occur during front-end routing or rendering. Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool ensures the search engine can crawl pages that contain JavaScript code.

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