JavaScript Definition & Meaning

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language that creates interactive effects within web browsers. Its syntax and libraries are similar to Java, but JavaScript has a different design.

This scripting language is the underlying technology on almost all active websites. Together with CSS and HTML, JavaScript forms the foundation upon which interactive websites are built. The language is both weakly and dynamically typed, and it supports object orientation.

JavaScript was released in 1995 and was soon adopted by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Today all popular web browsers have JavaScript engines that allow them to display interactive elements on different devices.

More than 80% of websites rely on jQuery, Angular, and similar third-party JavaScript libraries to handle front-end scripting.

The programming language controls the behavior of streaming media, animations, or loading new content on social media without refreshing a page. It’s also responsible for page redirects, user data acquisition, and acquiring data from users’ devices.

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