How to Get & Share Google My Business Review Link

This guide explains how to get a Google My Business review link.

You’ll also learn how to share a Google review link with your customers online, through email, on social media, and in printed material with QR codes.

This step-by-step tutorial takes you through the complete process for how to generate a Google review link to help you get feedback for your company or shop on your Google My Business profile, which is the listing that’s displayed in Google Search and Google Maps.

As you’ll quickly discover, getting and sharing the review link for your business only takes a few minutes. So let’s get started with the instructions.

How to Get Google My Business Review Link

How to Get Google My Business Review Link

1. Sign In to Your Google Account

The first step for how to get Google My Business review link is to sign in to the Google account that is connected to the Google Business Profile by going here:

2. Go to Your Google My Business Profile

The next step for how to find your Google review link and share it with customers is to go to the Google My Business Profile. You can get there in two ways:

  • Go to and click on the “Manage Now” button.
  • Search for your business name on Google and look for the Business Profile icons that are displayed at the top of Google Search. Only account managers can see this information.

3. Click On the Reviews Form

Step three for how to generate a Google review link and send it to customers is to click on the review form that’s displayed in your Business Profile. There are two ways to do this: through the “Ask for Reviews” button and within the get review box inside the carousel. If you don’t see the review forms box link, then click on the right arrow button until it appears. See the image below for examples.

Step 3: Get Google Business review link profile options

Note: If your business doesn’t have any reviews yet, then the title of the box in the carousel will be “Get your first reviews”. If your company already has at least one Google review, then the box title will say “Get more reviews”. Click on the box to link to open up the review form.

Also, the “Ask for Reviews” button will not be displayed if your business location has not been verified. Once verification is complete, you will see that option for getting the link. See this related guide on how can a Google My Business location be verified for more details.

4. Get Your Google Review Link

This step is where you’ll get the Google My Business review link for your business to share with your customers. After clicking on the form box, a popup window will appear with a URL for your Google My Business review link. The URL starts with and includes your custom ID number followed by /review. See the example below for a sample link.

Step 4: Get a Google review link for your business URL example

Note: If you’re using Google Local Services Ads to run online advertisements for your business, then you’ll want to get the verified reviews link through the Local Service app to send to customers. This is a different personalized link for your business to track customers who purchased services through your local ads. See this related guide on Google verified reviews to learn more about this feature.

5. Copy the Link

The final step of the process for how to share a Google My Business review link is to click on the custom URL field to copy the hyperlink that’s been generated. Once copied, you can send the review link to your customers to get genuine feedback for your company or shop. Tips on how to do that are explained in the next section of this guide.

How to share Google review link icon

Ways for How to Share Google Review Link

Now that you know how to find your Google review link, you may be wondering what the different ways are that you can share your URL with customers. Below is a list of the top methods for getting more people to review your Google My Business Profile through your custom link.

Share the Review Link Through Email

Sharing your Google Business review link in customer follow-up emails and in your employee email signatures is a quick and simple way to increase the number of Google reviews your company receives.

When you follow the process for getting get a link to your Google reviews from your Business Profile, there’s an option for sharing the URL directly through an email. (See the image example below.) Just click on the button to open your email client with the review link already inserted into the body of the message. You can also copy the generated link and put it in your emails wherever you’d like. This option is best for customizing the hyperlink anchor text for the Google Business review link.

Share Google Business review link by email button

Create a QR Code for the Google Review Link

A QR code is a matrix barcode that customers can scan with their smartphones to automatically pull a website URL without having to type it into Google. There are many free QR code generators online that you can use to transform your Google review link into a downloadable QR code image that can be printed on receipts, postcards, banners, checkout counter displays, and other marketing materials.

Send the Link In an SMS Text Message

If your business uses an SMS messaging service, then you can share your link with customers quickly and easily through text messages. You already know how to send Google Business review link through email, which is a similar process to sending it through SMS messages. Simply copy and add the URL to the text message and sent it to your customers to click on and open on their mobile phones.

Put the Review Link On Your Website

If you’re serious about creating and sharing your review link to get more Google My Business feedback, then you should put the URL on your website for visitors to find and use. A good place for this link is on the about page and contact page. You can also create a button in your main navigation menu that says “Leave Us a Review” that takes visitors directly to the Google Business review page.

Additionally, if you’re using WordPress as your content management system, then you can install a Google reviews plugin to display your customer reviews as testimonials on the page. For non-WordPress sites, you can hire a developer to write custom code for this feature.

Share the Link On Social Media

Another good way to share your Google review link is through social media. When you generate the URL through your Business Profile, there’s an option to immediately post the link on Facebook and Whatsapp to get feedback from your customers. For other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you’ll need to copy the custom URL and insert it into your social media posts. See the image below for examples of this method to get the shareable link.

Share Google review link social options

Can You Change the Google Business Review Link?

You cannot change the Google Business review link because Google generates a custom URL for each Business Profile when it is created that has a unique identifier for that listing.

Can You Shorten the Google Review Link?

You can shorten the Google review link by using a URL shortening tool like Bitly, which will make the link easier to share and remember by simplifying the URL. The URL shortener will take the long review URL and replaces the link with a shorter series of numbers and letters.

Now, if you ever need help with getting rid of negative reviews from your Google Business Profile, then check out this other guide on how to remove bad reviews from Google My Business. It gives you an easy step-by-step process to flag inappropriate reviews that may impact your company’s online reputation.

Get & Share Google My Business Review Link Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get Google My Business review link.

As you discovered, the process for how to generate and share a Google review link includes only a few steps. Those instructions consisted of signing in to your Google account, going to the Google My Business Profile, clicking on the reviews form, and copying the review link URL. After you get the link, you can then share it on your website, through email, on social media, and in printed materials with QR codes.