Google Knowledge Panel Definition & Meaning

What Is Google Knowledge Panel?

Google Knowledge Panel is the information box that appears on Google when a user searches for entities (people, places, organizations, things) that contain information stored in the Knowledge Graph.

Google Knowledge Panels are automatically generated and information that is displayed in these information boxes comes from data that has been crawled by a variety of sources across the web. 

The purpose of Google Knowledge Panels is to give searchers a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on Google’s understanding of the available content surrounding the entity that has been publicly shared on the Internet.

Only named entities with widespread and verifiable information from the classes of the following entity types are primarily displayed in Knowledge Panels:

  • Books and book series
  • Educational institutions
  • Government institutions
  • Large organizations
  • Events (historical and upcoming)
  • Movies and film series
  • Music groups and albums
  • Prominent People
  • Places
  • Sports teams
  • TV series
  • Video games and series
  • Prominent websites

It’s important to keep in mind that entities are only displayed in a Google Knowledge Panel if they have a certain social relevance or authority in their respective area. There must be enough cumulative data on the web for Google’s systems to crawl to verify the information it displays in Knowledge Panels.

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