Google Analytics Pricing (How Much Does It Cost?)

This guide explains Google Analytics pricing.

Below, you’ll get a detailed overview of the Google Analytics cost you can expect to pay to use this service of the Google Marketing Platform, which is a unified advertising and analytics platform for helping businesses make smarter marketing decisions.

There is both a free and paid version of Google Analytics with monthly and yearly license fees. First, we’ll explain how much does Google Analytics cost in general, then move on to a comparison table that shows you the difference in each Google Analytics price and features.

Google Analytics Pricing

Google Analytics Pricing

Google Analytics pricing is $50,000 per year or $4,166 per month for Google Analytics 360 Plans with up to 25 million monthly events and free for Standard Analytics accounts that don’t need higher data limits.

Google Analytics Cost Comparison Table

Here is a table that allows you to compare the Google Analytics cost for Analytics 360 and the free Standard version as well as the main features of each service.

FeatureGoogle Analytics StandardGoogle Analytics 360
Price$0Starts at $50,000 per year
Data Freshness24 to 48 hours for < 200,000 sessions per dayWithin 1 hour for < 2 billion hits per month
Conversion Types3050
Custom Dimensions50125
Sampling Limits10M events per query1B events per query
Explorations200 created per user per property;
500 shared per property
200 created per user per property:
1000 shared per property
Unsampled ExplorationsNot AvailableUp to 50B events per day per property
Row Limit50,0002,000,000
Data retentionUp to 14 monthsUp to 50 months
Automatic Custom TablesNot AvailableAvailable
Roll-Up PropertiesNot AvailableAvailable
SLAsNot AvailableGuaranteed reliability SLAs for data collection, reporting, processing, attribution and export
Enterprise SupportNot AvailableAccess to Analytics 360 support specialists via chat or email

Note: The Google Analytics price for 360 was $12,500 per month and $150,000 per year as a base cost for Google Universal Analytics (UA) properties. However, the pricing structure has now changed for the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) service with a starting price of $50,000 per year based on usage and scaling up in monthly cost based on the number of monthly events.

This new Google Analytics license fee makes the service more affordable to small to medium-sized business owners who want the enhanced capabilities of Google Analytics 360 for an average price of $4,166 per month.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide on Google Analytics pricing.

As you discovered, the Google Analytics license fee is $50,000 per year or $4,166 per month for Google Analytics 360 Plans and the Standard Analytics service is free to use without incurring any Google Analytics costs. The choice of which option is better for your business will depend on the amount of data, customizations, and level of support you need.