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If that sounds good, then you’ll enjoy this list of the 40 top Facebook SEO groups with the most active members.

Use this page to find popular Facebook groups to join and connect with other SEOs to chat about everything related to search engine optimization.

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Best SEO Facebook Groups List

Ahrefs Insider

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/ahrefsinsider/

Description: If you’re an Ahrefs user, then you can join our customers-only Facebook group. It’s an active group of SEOs that discusses the best ways to use the Ahrefs toolset to improve every aspect of search engine optimization.

Affiliate Marketing Ninjas

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/amninjas/

Description: This is a Facebook group for people who want to learn affiliate marketing techniques and connect with other affiliate marketers. You’ll learn the art of SEO, Internet and social media marketing, creating money-making niche websites, and more.

Affiliate Niche Builders

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/AffiliateMarketingSEO/

Description: This group is hosted by Ben Adler, and it’s a good place to learn how to build and grow profitable niche websites using affiliate links and ads. SEO is always a hot topic here and beginners to advanced marketers are welcome to share, collaborate, and get the support they need to be successful.

Affiliate SEO Mastermind

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/thelabresults/

Description: This group was started by Matt Diggity, a well-respected SEO in the affiliate marketing industry. It’s a group of SEOs dedicated to the mastery of affiliate marketing via the medium of search engine optimization. The members focus on test-backed results. No theory, no guesswork… all results. It’s one of the best SEO Facebook groups for affiliate marketers.

Conversion Rate Optimization Junkies

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/crojunkies/

Description: This group helps you expand on your SEO efforts by teaching you tips and tricks on conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO is the science and art of increasing the number of people who see your marketing messages and actually respond to them. Inside, you can learn how to improve your conversion rate for everything from sales emails, to paid advertisements, the website itself, and more.

Dumb SEO Questions

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/DumbSEOQuestions/

Description: Don’t let the name of this group fool you. It’s one of the top Facebook SEO groups to ask for help with technical SEO questions including Google Analytics and Log File Analysis, Google Search Console, the disavow tool, all SEO tools, anything related to search engine optimization such as Structured Data, HTML, DNS, SEO audits, Local Search (Google My Business), Mobile Search, eCommerce, and the Semantic Web. 

Google SEO Mastermind

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/googleseomastermind/

Description: This is a group is geared towards helping people of all levels with on-page, off-page, and technical SEO processes. It’s a good community for both beginners and advanced marketers.

Internet Marketing Gold – SEO Science

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/internetmarketinggold/

Description: This group is all about the science behind SEO and is one of the best communities online for search engine optimization. One of the key members is Kyle Roof, co-creator of the SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro and co-founder of High Voltage SEO agency. He’s also a co-host of the weekly YouTube show SEO Fight Club and a regular speaker at industry-leading events.

Lion Zeal Mastermind

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/lionzeal/

Description: This group is hosted by Daryl Rosser. It’s a community that discusses all things related to digital marketing and consulting. Digital marketers, agency owners, and consultants are encouraged to join to ask questions, share ideas, celebrate wins, and start discussions.

LinkDaddy & Video Marketing Group

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/videoranking/

Description: This is one of the few groups that’s focused on video marketing and SEO. You can join more than 7000+ other business owners and marketers to discuss and share the latest techniques in video and SEO.

Local Client Takeover

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/localclienttakeover/

Description: This group is an exclusive community focusing on local SEO tactics, digital marketing agency strategies, and Google My Business and Google Maps optimization. 

Local SEO and Google My Business Tips and Strategies

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/GoogleMyBusinessTips/

Description: This group is open for discussing tips, strategies, and best practices for local SEO and Google My Business. 

Map Pack SEO

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/mappackseo/

Description: This group focuses on Google map pack SEO and local SEO. You’ll find lots of tips and free tutorials on how to improve the search engine optimization of local listings.


Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/nichehacksprivate/

Description: This is a private mastermind group where SEOs discuss niche marketing and affiliate marketing. The group owner also regularly reveals untapped niche markets and insider niche hacks.

Niche Affiliate Empires

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/nicheaffiliateempires

Description: This group was created by Gareth Daine, an agency owner and online marketer. The purpose is to help you build your niche affiliate empire and to follow Gareth’s journey. He wants active participants, not bystanders. So join and contribute where you can by getting involved.

Niche Pursuits

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/nichesiteproject3/

Description: This is the official Facebook group for NichePursuits.com which is run by Spencer Haws. Join to interact with students and coaches, get exclusive updates, ask questions, and swap strategies on SEO and ranking niche websites.

Niche Website Builders

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/nichewebsitebuilders/

Download the SEO Keyword Research CheatsheetDownload the SEO Keyword Research Cheatsheet

Description: This group is for niche site entrepreneurs to share and openly discuss their journey creating online properties. 

Onpage Academy

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/onpageacademy/

Description: This group focuses on technical SEO and on-page optimization. The purpose is to help as many people learn these skills so they can rank their site sites better. Members share SEO tips and ask questions and receive real SERP tested tactics from the group admins. Join today to get involved.

Onpage Rocks – Technical SEO Made Easy

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/onpagerocks/

Description: This group is focused on technical SEO. It’s a good community to share struggles and ask for advice. Whether you are newbie or been doing technical SEO for years, this is the group for you.

Premium SEO Tools by Jam

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/seotooIs/

Description: This group provides premium SEO tools at a cheap price. Become a member and get access to the top SEO tools on the market for a low rate through a group buy-in.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/rankmathseopluginwordpress/

Description: This group is hosted by the creators of the Rank Math SEO plugin, a tool that you can use to instantly improve your post’s serach engine optimization while you’re writing it. Inside this Facebook group, you’ll find the Rank Math team fairly active and ready to answer your SEO related questions. You’ll also find insider information from SEO experts about how to rank higher, write better, earn more, and enjoy life.

SEO & Bloggers Lounge

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/1971635653095529/

Description: This group is here to help bloggers, SEOs, freelancers and digital media marketers grow their skills, capabilities, and performance online.

SEO and Marketing by Semantic Mastery

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/SEOtutorials/

Description: This group offers SEO tutorials, case studies, raking techniques, social media syndication tips, and more. It’s run by Semantic Mastery, which is a company that provides local digital marketers with the tools, training, and insights they need to make more money, get better clients, and work less. 

SEO Copywriting Mastermind

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/seocopywritingmastermind/

Description: This group is all about the copywriting aspect of search engine optimization; a topic that not many other Facebook SEO groups cover. Inside, you’ll find writing tips; data-driven strategies for increasing engagement, conversions, and sales; content evaluations; tips for finding, hiring, and training high-quality writers; affiliate review copywriting tips; and examples of well-written copy for inspiration.

See my guide on what is an SEO copywriter for more details about copywriting and SEO.

SEO, Guest Post and Backlink Marketplace

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/489961995218334/

Description: This is a group for buying and selling SEO services, guest posts, and backlinks.

SEO Hackers

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/SEOHacker/

Description: This group is composed of people who are serious about SEO and Internet Marketing. The moderators share tips, tricks, and tons of valuable information about SEO and copywriting.

SEO & Marketing Ballers

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/602024346590522/

Description: This group is all about local SEO domination. By joining, you can get access to tutorials and an awesome community of like-minded SEOs helping each other succeed.

SEO Marketplace

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/595138070592732/

Description: This is a group for selling domains, PBN links, and any other services related to SEO and Internet marketing.

SEO Masters Academy

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/seomastersacademy/

Description: This group provides advanced knowledge about Internet marketing as a whole. It’s a fairly large group with lots of activity happening each day.

SEO Premium Tools

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/333947224182132/

Description: This is a group to get premium SEO tools for a cheap price by doing group buy-ins with other members.

SEO Secrets by Detailed.com

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/detailedcom/

Description: This group was created by Glenn Allsopp, a well-known SEO specialist that runs a 7-figure digital marketing agency. As a member, you can get access to advanced SEO strategies that industry-leading clients pay his team to find.

SEO Signals Lab

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/SEOSignalsLab/

Description: This is the most popular and best SEO Facebook groups available. It’s run by Steven Kang, who is a master in digital marketing strategy. What you don’t know can hurt you in SEO. And with thousands of small and big ranking factors in play, testing and re-testing SEO signals are crucial for your SEO campaign to be successful. This group is dedicated to sharing case studies, split-test results, and SEO algorithm trends.

SEO Tips, Tricks and Tools

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/seotipsgroup/

Description: This group is for SEO professionals and local business owners. It was created by Portable Entrepreneur, a six-figure web design and SEO agency, and inside you’ll find a consistent stream of SEO strategies being shared to help you grow the number of leads, customers, and sales from your search engine optimization efforts.

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Sisters in SEO

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/sistersinseo/

Description: This is a supportive space for femmes to improve their skills, level up their client loads, share successes and challenges, and empower each other to succeed in the industry and dominate the SERPs.

Superstar SEO

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/superstarseo/

Description: This group was created by Superstar SEO, which is a search engine optimization agency in South Carolina. Their focus is on helping businesses generate more sales and leads through proven SEO strategies. Bbeginner to advanced level SEOs are welcomed.

The Proper SEO Group

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/TheProperPBNGroup/

Description: This is the ultimate grey hat discussion community. It offers a no holds barred approach to marketing discussions, strategies, and case studies that no other group has seen before. With over 100 years experience in the SEO industry just between the admins and moderators of this community, you know you’ll be getting the veteran advice that the people willing to think outside the box deserve to get.

The Super Cool Dan Ray White Hat SEO and Link Building Group

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/danray/

Description: This group was created by Dan Ray, who is a white hat SEO and link building specialist. Join the group to become a better white hat SEO for free. He also does giveaways, weekly trainings, and offers funnel building lessons.

White Hat SEO

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/whseo/

Description: This group is all about white hat SEO methods. Join it to learn and discuss search engine optimization strategies that are purely safe to use on any site.

Note: If you’re new to the idea of white hat and black hat SEO, then check out my guide on the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO Network by Chase Reiner

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/whitehatseonetwork/

Description: This group is hosted by Chase Reiner, who trains SEOs on how to be better at their craft. He has a very active YouTube Channel. In this Facebook group, you’ll find white hat SEO tips and techniques shared by Chase and the other members.

Black Hat SEO Network by Chase Reiner

Facebook Group URL: facebook.com/groups/blackhatseonetwork/

Description: This group is also hosted by Chase Reiner. It focuses on the black hat side of SEO.

If you’re not sure what black hat SEO is, check out my guide on what is black hat SEO.

Why Join a Facebook Groups for SEO?


Networking with other SEOs is important for long-term success.

And by joining a Facebook group that’s made up of other people who enjoy search engine optimization, you can find like-minded people to learn from.

New Opportunities

There are loads of new opportunities you’ll discover in SEO Facebook groups.

For example, some people will share job postings, workshops, and speaking opportunities that are not being shared on other social media platforms.

Good SEO Information

The most important reason for joining Facebook groups on search engine optimization is to get the free resources to advance your SEO skills.

There are tons of free tips and tricks being shared each day in these groups. So it’s good to grab that information to improve the rankings and traffic for your sites.

SEO Facebook Group Summary

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best SEO Facebook groups to join.

As you saw, there are a number of top Facebook SEO groups with thriving communities of like-minded SEOs.

Hopefully, the descriptions helped you to narrow down which SEO groups on Facebook you’d like to join so you can connect with other people that are as passionate about search engine optimization as you are.

Best SEO Facebook Groups