A Unique Tip for Affiliate Marketing

If you do affiliate marketing of any kind, then you probably face this common struggle:

Making your content unique.

And when you’re writing a top 10 style review post on 10 different brands that are almost identical to each other, it can be tough to make each item stand out.

But there’s actually one simple thing you can do to fix that problem.

And when applied correctly, your reviews will become the most authoritative, well-researched, and seemingly best content online with real-world and firsthand experience with the products.

And you won’t even have to invest a penny of your own money to buy these items or spend hours trying to figure out how they work and what to say about them.

All of the answers will be handed right to you so you can make a better profit.

Here’s what I mean:

99.99% of other affiliate sites just rewrite Amazon product descriptions in their review posts.

It’s simple.


And cost-effective (no money needed).

However, there’s nothing special about that content.

It’s the same info regurgitated on a different site with no added benefit for the reader.

The reader could have just skipped over to Amazon to get the same details, faster.

And it’s one of the very reasons why Google released a “Product Review Update” earlier this year:

To crack down on this “thin” affiliate content business practice.

But here’s the thing…

You can protect your site from a future blow from that algorithm update (although it’s not 100% guaranteed, but gives you the best chance of standing strong for the long haul) by working one simple step into your writing process.

And that step is this:

Watch unboxing videos of the products on YouTube.

It’s that simple.

The unboxers will tell you everything you need to know about the products you’re reviewing and point out the pros and cons based on real-life and hands-on experience.

They’ll even show off aspects of the items you wouldn’t even know unless you actually had the products in your hands.

(That’s golden information no other affiliate site is sharing because they’re only taking what’s been given in the Amazon product details.)

Then all you have to do is synthesize the best parts of those unboxing videos to use in your product reviews to make them more unique, trustworthy, and credible.

Which can then lead to another amazing benefit:

Getting more natural backlinks.


Because other sites will want to link to your content because it seems more genuine; not just another built-for-Amazon-website with a rehash boilerplate product information.

Now, this tip can definitely help you create some of the best review content on the Internet.

And profit much higher from it.

But there’s still one missing piece of the puzzle:

Structuring the affiliate review page the right way for it to rank higher in Google and convert more visitors into buyers.

Which leads me to my latest SEO product…

I put together my proven Affiliate Buying Guide Templates that have made me a consistent six-figure income in this lucrative business.

And they’re now available for you to steal, use, and abuse for your own monetary benefit.

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